SISTERS Ruby and Diana Team Up To Compete at Woodstock beginning 2016 06 01

Ruby on the left; Dianna on the right; "Elevated Marj" Middle.

Ruby on the left; Dianna on the right; “Elevated Marj” Middle.

Neither of these Shufflers, Ruby or Dianna  have been overly active in the most recent Shuffleboard Activities >> at least that is what Ruby Withington announced on Facebook!!

However; we both know that Shuffleboard is a little like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget!!  In checking results of past CNSA National Events, the name and pix of both are Apple Tournament 1 st placeprevalent!!  Dianna May partnered with Henry Strong in the 2015 National.  I see that Diana while partnering with Max Tate, placed 1st in the 2007 Thedford Apple Tournament;   she also placed 2nd in Cons. at the 2008 National in Coldwater.   Click on any pic to expand.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARuby and Grace 3rd C 2008While partnering with friend Mary Button, Dianna paced 2nd in the Consolation event, 2008 CNSA in Coldwater!!  Ruby placed 3rd in the same event while shuffling with Grace Pipher.

“Diana May was elected to the position of Secretary in the year 2000 and served with Presidents Al weeks, John Weston and Max Tate.  Diana is a very qualified tournament director and directed several CNSA amateur events during her tenure on the CNSA Board.  Ruby Withington was elected as a director of the CNSA in the year 2000 and as treasurer in 2001. The administration and financial reporting of CNSA funds was nothing short of excellent.  In 2004, Ruby wrote the Mission and Vision statements for the CNSA and designed the pamphlet and worked in concert with Colette Weston in having the statements translated into the French language. The application for last year’s successful Trillium Foundation grant of $8000.00 was handled almost entirely by Ruby. This was truly a great job by an efficient and competent lady.”  Quotes by then President Max Tate on the occasion of Special Recognition given to Ruby and Dianna!! 

High Woman (Wins + Points) Ruby WithingtonRuby, in the  Blackstock Spring Fling in 2005 placed 1st in a combination of Wins and Points, earning her a significant cash prize presented by Blackstock Club President Will Capeling.

Article put together by Stan McCormack. 2016 05 23.




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