The Hills; Pam and Phil; What a Great Couple!! Say Hi To Them in Woodstock!!!

Pam and Phil Hill

Let’s let Phil Hill Speak in 2009: “Hi there….I am Philip (Phil) Hill, English born but Canadian by choice, having emigrated here in 1958. 

Having always been sports minded I was both amazed and thrilled at my initial view of this sport of shuffleboard in the year 1998.  This was at local club level of course but it sort of grabbed me and my first few lessons were quite out of this world.   I had no knowledge of what lies beyond club play but soon became very aware of it.  My wife Pam was also becoming involved with it too, her story comes separately, and my exposure to the noise and clamour of District tournaments, then shortly after on going to out of town tournaments, was an  experience all its own…..From that humble beginning, like most of us, we have become part of that group of retired folk who have found something worth driving afar to be part of, a group who have equal thoughts and feelings about the  wonderful sport of shuffleboard, a sport that challenges the mind as well as the physical side, probably  more so, and don’t we need that sort of thing!!!  We must not forget the wonderful friends we have met and made along the way.”  Phil Hill Writing in 2009.

Phil speaking in 2011:  “And while all the above was going on Pam was indeed part of it and more too. As you well know she is a little bundle of action, never still, always has a bunch of stuff to do. In fact almost as soon as she got her shuffleboard shoes earned and on, the park where we lived couldn’t hold her back….served on the committee, then almost as soon as she joined Clearwater Shuffleboard Club she was on the committee there, not as a member of the committee but as secretary. She loves shuffling and enjoys it from the point of view of not intense competitor but as one who will give any competitor a jolly good game. A few short years ago she was offered a place to play for Canada in an ISA Tournament, in Midland On. Phil played for the United Nations Team. This trip was followed the next year with a trip to Australia.  Betmar for the World Singles was next, after which Pam was asked to be curator of the ISA Hall of Fame. A lot of work was put into upgrades, and this move put her into the ISA Committee. Germany, Hohenroda, welcomed us both with amazing side trips and a cruise afterwards. Dieppe beckons us this year. And we look forward to seeing all our shuffleboard friends there.”

Myrna Bilton Speaks: Pam has held the position of ISA HOF Curator for six years. She has spent countless  hours refurbishing the area which is located at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club in Florida.  She has worked closely with Sam, Jim and Beth Allen. The HOF Curator is a continuing Work in Progress job.  

1st to 4th St Petes ISA 2013 Pam has participated in eight ISA tournaments. She has represented Canada and her birth country, England.  Pam placed 2nd in the Women’s Division of the 2013 ISA Championship in St Petersburg, FL.  (Click on any pic to expand)

Pam Plays for Norway in SeattleIn 2012 ISA tournament at Seattle she  proudly represented Norway when ISA President  Michael Zellner asked her to be a team member on the Norway Womens Team. 

Always a willing worker, Pam and husband  Phil were outstanding  volunteers at the 2002 ISA tournament in Clearwater. Now in 2015 she still is dedicated to shuffleboard and continues to be a faithful and committed worker on the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club committee for the 34th ISA World Shuffleboard Championship. 

Pam Wins in Sochi

Pam and Russian BoyIn Sochi, Russia in 2011 Pam won the European Cup! Pam Speaks: “For me, the first European Open Shuffleboard tournament tops the list! We all had many hard fought matches (thanks to our skilled director, Dieter), and yet, I hope no one felt they lost a game. Everyone seemed happy for the winner. Our new Russian shuffling friends participated gamely, and who could not love Boris with his precious cup? Million $ Smile! (Boris is a young (new) Russian Shuffler.) The Champion’s cup is most precious to me. I thank all those who boosted me to the pinnacle. They allowed me to bring home the trophy (in the hotel beach bag, no less!). A wonderful time was had by all!!”
Pam Hill 2011 & Stan in 2012 05 17.”

Back to Myrna Speaks: With all Pam’s achievements in shuffleboard she always displays true sportsmanship. Pam was presented with the Sportsmanship  Award at the 2014 ISA tournament in Midland, ON.  

The Hills, Pam & Phil both organized and performed at a British Pub Night.

hILLS as PubbiesPhil singsPhil Speaks in 2005: “Every Jan, well, for the last 7 years at least, we have had what we call “A British Pub Night” here in Doral, where I am the entertainer, the MC, DJ, chef, cook. etc, and we sell out the whole batch of tickets for this bit of fluff, 200 of them, in 3-4 days. I tend to dress up a bit as you can see. Pam also does a lot too….don’t forget her. It was a great evening where people bring games to play, can buy a beer, bring their own snacks (but we supply them anyway) bring their own hard stuff to drink if they are not beer drinkers. They get fed a diet of shepherd’s pie and gravy, peas, sausage roll, pickled beets, and a section of pickled onions. They get entertained in many ways. I sing “sing-along stuff; we bring groups in to sing or play guitars, or do magic tricks, sing-a-long music plays in the background most of the time. People line up at the door to be ‘first in’ to get best tables…….It is an evening of great relaxation and fun and we will keep playing as long as Pam and I can keep it up. We have a great following here for this Saturday slot in dull old Jan.”

Stan Speaks: I hope you have enjoyed this introduction of Pam and Phil as much as I have putting it together.  Pam and Phil are a couple that actually need no introduction!!!

Stan writing in Calabogie, ON 2016 05 26.

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2 Responses to The Hills; Pam and Phil; What a Great Couple!! Say Hi To Them in Woodstock!!!

  1. Great couple indeed. The ISA is indebted to Pamela. Phil has been in North America since 1958 and that makes it 58 years and one would think that English Twang in his voice would have faded away by now. Now it’s the uniqueness that makes Phil be Phil.


  2. Pamela Hill says:

    Thank you Stan. you really robbed the archives this time….. See you next week. P & P. Date: Thu, 26 May 2016 10:45:00 +0000 To:


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