2016 CNSA National To Begin May 30th!! Amateurs on May 30th and May 31st!! Experts Begin Morning of June 1st.

10 even better untitledTomorrow Morning >> 2016 05 30, it all BEGINS HERE!! COWAN PARK: 895 RIDGEWOOD DRIVE, WOODSTOCK, ON N4T OA6. 

Jim and Marlene and One Helper are shown setting up the Courts on Sunday, May 29th!!  One more plus for the National is that the Courts are all inside and thus immune from the intense heat we are experiencing in Southern Ontario.  For those reading this from A-Far, the temp is running above 30 degrees Celsius!!  (92 F) >> unheard of for Ontario at this time of the year!!!  The Courts were in top shape in 2015 and I am sure the “Corbeils” will 6 untitled3 untitledequal or better in 2016.  Here is a novel shot of the Courts!!   Followed by a shot of someone assisting Jim and Marlene!!  We can all be thankful that Shuffleboard produces so many willing volunteers to perform this and similar tasks.

Click here to read other items we can be thankful for:  TOURNAMENT VOLUNTEERS

Stan McCormack.  2016 05 29.

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