Great News From the Earles of Nova Scotia!! Shuffleboard for 2016 BEGINS with a BANG!!

Shot of the courtsGlenna and David Earle Organize and Lead Shuffleboard Activities in Nova Scotia.  They are Co-Presidents of the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club of Sackville, NS.

Group Shot #3 (good)The 1st day for the 2016 shuffling season opened today in Sackville, NS, for the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club.
A whopping 35 people arrived to play on our 8 courts so needless to say we had to share and take turns. Although we had only 1 new player join us today, others have contacted me and hopefully will come along in the next few weeks.
We played 3 very interesting 12-frame games prior to lunch. It takes awhile to get used to the courts again.
Everyone seemed to be very excited about being back together and getting to play this wonderful game we love. I heard a number of folks teasing each other about their ability or inability to shoot straight on these unpredictable courts. One has to learn how to adjust for the drift & speed, and keep adjusting until we more or less come close to where we want our discs to land. It is a challenge and to add to the fact that roll-out courts are tricky anyway, we place them on astro-turf…… makes for some interesting shots!!! We must maintain a sense of humour or we could become rather discouraged!!!
It was a very warm day today but inside the arena was quite cool and we were very comfortable in our venue.
The management at the Sackville Sports Stadium welcomed us back with open arms and we were happy to be there.
There is a Subway in the dining area which is a good spot to purchase lunch if you don’t carry a bag from home. Since we are there all day we stop for about 1/2 hour to eat.  Many bring their own lunch but we do have the Subway to fall back on if one does not wish to prepare a lunch. They have good sandwiches, muffins, coffee, tea, etc.
Shufflers (2) Shufflers 3So after a brief lunch break we returned to the courts and began our Hoss Collar games. It was no problem getting people to fork over their loonie in readiness to try to win back a toonie. A lot of laughter was happening around the arena and many “interesting shots” were observed.
All in all we had a very successful first day and most left calling out to one another, “see you next week”.
They really do enjoy themselves and a lot of lasting friendships have developed over the last 6 years.
In conclusion, we welcome anyone in the Sackville/Halifax area to come join us on Tuesdays (10AM-2:30PM) throughout the summer until the end of Aug.
Respectfully submitted, by Glenna Earle.  Glenna is a Vice President of the CNSA.  Stan 2016 06 01
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