The Canadian shuffleboard nationals take place at Cowan Park, ending Thursday

Mayor Trevor Birtch Opens CNSA NATIONLA while President Henry Strong  Looks On 2016

Mayor Trevor Birtch Opens CNSA NATIONLA while President Henry Strong Looks On 2016

Stan Speaks:  This article, sent along  by Bob Weber, is By Greg Colgan, of the Sentinel-Review  of Woodstock, ON.  I will begin EXTENSIVE COVERAGE of the event beginning Friday, June 03rd, 2016.   I am on my way home from the Tournament.  Expect to arrive circa noon on Friday, 2016 06 03.  It was a GREAT Tournament with MOST SURPRISING RESULTS!!!  Stan 2016 06 02 21:45

Shuffleboarders will be taking over Cowan Park for the next few days.

The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association (CNSA) will host their annual national tournament in Woodstock for the second consecutive year following success at last years event.

“We’ve got a lot of amateurs coming, including some from the States. It’s looking real good,” Woodstock local and CNSA vice president Jim Corbeil said. “We’re hoping it’ll be here every year. That’s what we’re pushing for.”

The event is broken up between the amateur and open sections, with the amateurs playing Monday and Tuesday then the open field going Wednesday and Thursday. Corbeil said about 175 players will attend the four-day event, including close to 40 amateur teams.

“We have a lot more amateurs playing this year,” Corbeil said. “That’s what I’m really pleased about because without them the sport won’t grow. We have a really good turnout just from people having seen it or giving it a try.”

Corbeil and his wife, Marlene, picked up the sports nine years ago when they were in Florida. Following their start with the sport, the two became more involved and hope to have the annual national event make a home in Woodstock.

They’re also hoping to get more people involved to setup a club in town for locals to use since the closest club is in London.

“I think if people see it they can see how fun it is and maybe we can get a place to start a club in Woodstock,” Corbeil said of hopefully bringing the sport to Woodstock year round. “We haven’t been able to find a place cost wise that we could rent. It’s hard. Hopefully we can find a few more people interested in learning shuffleboard.”

The CNSA also received $1,238 from the City of Woodstock for the second consecutive year from the community grant program to help pay for the banquet hall rental fee at Cowan Park.

The event will have 12 rollout mat courts that are 45-feet in length and six feet wide. Last year they used 14, but Corbeil said the extra two mats made it more cramped and 12 will give players more room.

The game has rules similar to curling, but rather than a broom there’s an extendable cue to push a composite disc the length of the surface to gain points or steal them from opponents. While curling is on ice, shuffleboard courts have several small slick beads placed on the playing surface to allow the disc to slide from one end of the court to the other. A game is 16 frames and the first team to 75 points win.

Corbeil said this years event will also have three of the top players in the world attending with the highest point holder, Glen Peltier of Chatham, playing as well as the next two in Earl Ball and Henry Strong.

This year the event will have players close to home with a couple from Woodstock and others from Ingersoll and Tillsonburg, but also include several from London, Guelph and Chatham. Players also make the trek from Florida, Michigan and Ohio to compete.

Each day starts at about 9 a.m. and continues roughly until 5 p.m. with the event being free for spectators to watch.

“We had a tremendous reception from people in Woodstock (last year). The city supported us and were very good to us with the grant and their help,” Corbeil said. “It’s been super and the people love coming out here to play.”

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  1. Moe & Teresa Vermeulen says:

    A big thank you to Jim and Marlene, it was a great tournament!


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