Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01.

MANITOBA: Pete & Eileen Hildebrand, Provincial Contact Manitoba Shuffleboard in Manitoba is an active sport, with fairly large organized clubs in Winnipeg and Brandon.  In addition there are several clubs in the smaller communities that meet on a regular basis throughout the winter months, some that run only during the winter and one that runs throughout the year.  Manitoba annually sponsors the Active Living Coalition for Older Adults in Manitoba (ALCOA-MB) or 55 Plus Games and floor shuffleboard attracts participants from all over the province.  All of the Manitoba clubs rent Community Centers, paying an annual rental fee/donation plus nominal participation fees. The Winnipeg club has a membership of 80-100 people and participants play once a week during the winter months.  They play on five courts, and have four draws per day. The Brandon club has a membership of 50-60 people, and they shuffle from May to September.  They meet twice each week, and have recently via a grant purchased 12 new roll-out courts.  This club has been active for approximately 25 years and is hosting the 2016 ALCOA (Manitoba) Games.    The Oak Bluff club has been meeting for approximately 30 years, and has a membership of 16 people.  They play on four courts, allowing each member to have three games per day. The Argyle club has a membership of 50 plus people, and meet once a week during the summer months.  They have 10 courts, and have been active for approximately five years. The Starbuck club is organized by Manitoba Services to Seniors in conjunction with a weekly Meal Program.  They meet in the Community Hall where they have two courts, and shuffle throughout the year.  Currently, 12 people participate in the Shuffle program and pay a nominal fee for several games in the afternoon.

Since this is our first year as MB Representatives, we have not had an opportunity to visit the clubs across MB, but it is our desire to personally visit each club and offer our services in any way we can to help promote the sport of shuffle.  Pete & Eileen Hildebrand.

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