Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01.

Brian Fitzparick (MP) President FSABrian Fitzpatrick, President of Foothills Shuffleboard Association, Alberta: Our club revived it’s operations and our weekly club play resumed on July 1 and ran until September 1.  We held a mixed open tournament in August.  It was a successful event.  In 2016, our club started on May 1 and runs to September 1.  We play on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Thursday morning.  The details are available on our website.  We are using the curling club facility which is situated at he rear of the Snodgrass Recreation Centre at High River.  We are currently renewing memberships and hope to have 80 members when finished.  Our annual membership is $40.  We have 12 courts using roll out mats and we have a plentiful supply of cues.  Visitors, newcomers and occasional players are allowed four free games.  We rent the facility from May 1 to Sept. 1 for five years at a monthly rent of $1,200.

Brian ScottBrian Scott, Vice President Alberta Canadian Shuffleboard Club, Alberta: The Alberta Canadian Shuffleboard Club commenced its 30th season this spring.   We play out of the Innisfail Alberta Curling Rink on 12 roll out courts where we host two annual major tournaments:  The Art Scott Singles Tournament is scheduled for June 13-16.  This is a four event tournament and is currently at the maximum entries of 128 and we have a short waiting list.  Players are not recognized as having expert/ professional or amateur status and everyone competes in the same pool.  Entrants are guaranteed four games.

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2016 06 10.


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