Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01.

Pic by Glenna Earle

Pic by Glenna Earle

Prince Edward Island: PEI Fred Vaerewyck, Provincial Contact for Prince Edward Island. Eastern PEI Shuffleboard Club, Project Results: Did your project achieve its intended results? Our project did achieve good results!!  First of all we were able to purchase the extra equipment needed to accommodate the new seniors who were interested in playing shuffleboard.  We were able to purchase new roll-up courts, to accommodate new players, as well as the new cues, discs, glass beads, scoreboards, etc. that were needed. We developed a prototype roll up apparatus (we discovered that most seniors can’t get own on hands and knees to roll up the courts) that would make it easier to roll up the courts for storage.  And of course we were able to have built storage cabinets on rollers that could be moved to the storage area of the Wellness Centre after each session.  The roll up device has captured the interest of the shuffleboard club from Moncton and people came from
Charlottetown to see how it worked; also a Kingsboro seniors group who are starting their own shuffleboard club.  And, we were asked to go to that new club to teach them how to play, giving seniors in that area an opportunity to get out and socialize while getting light activity. We advertised and held an open house to bring in new people to the club and attracted the attention from people from as far away as North Rustico who either had played at other clubs or were interested in learning the game. In the summer, members of the Moncton/Riverview Shuffleboard Club joined us in a friendly tournament, where ribbons were passed out for first, second, and third prizes, and lowest score also got a special award.  We provided a social time after the tournament a they had a long drive to get here.  In October, our club travelled to Riverview at their invitation and enjoyed a follow up tournament at their club.  Members of the club also were able to travel to Goderich, Ontario to the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association Inter Provincial Tournament where the women placed seventh and the men placed fifth.  Several of the provincial groups were interested in a possible get together in PEI at some time. This year, the ice went in earlier than it usually does to accommodate teams from a rink that did not open for the season, therefore we were very glad to be able to have the roll up courts and continue play on the second level of the Wellness Centre.

In conclusion, we do think we were able to achieve success with our grant.  We were able to attract more people, that was one reason, and to extend our play to almost year round was the second reason and we did achieve that.  We were not able to attract the youth of our area, but now with a new Boys and Girls Club close by we are hoping to attract some young people to at least try our sport. Barbara Wright-MacKenzie, President.

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