Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01.

Bernie and Don Breau

Bernie and Don Breau

Don Breau, Director for New Brunswick: Just an update of the NB Shuffelboard Association club in Dieppe has been doing this last year.  In 2015, we had the 55 plus games in Dieppe with a great turn out, we had 182 players both men and women.  Don Breau ran the tournament and did a great job. We also did a day trip to PEI and Oxford, NS.  In return, they came here on a day trip.  We still shuffle twice a week with 75 active members participating. This year will be our election in June, always a lot of preparation and a big change on the executive board this year. At Christmas we had our Turkey Shoot.  It’s a lot of fun and last year I suggested instead of exchanging small gifts

Jean Hachey

Jean Hachey

that we should collect food for the food bank.  I started the collection in November and by our Turkey Shoot we delivered a van full of food, very rewarding for us too. This year should be better. Don asked me to update our activities. Respectfully, Jean Hachey, Secretary, NB.

Posted on 2016 06 11 12:25

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