Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01.

Michael Kelly, Provincial Contact for British Columbia:  George and Meldoy Potter are hosting the 1st annual Singles Shuffleboard Cash Tournament on Aug. 15-18 in Cranbrook, BC.  $20 entry fee and $15 banquet. Contact the Potters at or the Kerrs, Dennis & Linda at mailto:  Closing date is August 9, 2016. In regard to the lower mainland shuffleboard.  While we have two roll out courts and all the appropriate equipment, we have been unable to find a venue where we can lay the courts out without having to transport them each time.  We had thought we had an area that filled the bill at the local curling club associated with the North Delta Rec Centre but that is in major reconstruction this summer so is not available. We will once again approach the senior’s centre here in North Delta to see if there is any space that would be available to at least introduce the folks to the game of shuffleboard.  It is quite likely that there are members of the senior’s centre that have experienced the game and would be interested in participating. We have to admit that once one has spent five months in the south playing shuffleboard three plus days a week, plus tournaments, it is difficult to get motivated when we return to our home base.  Not to mention all the work that has piled up on the home front. If we garner some area where we can make use of our courts we will keep you in the picture. Regards, Linda & Michael Kelly.

Stan Speaks: No  pic available.  I have requested a pic from Michael Kelly and requested the hosts of the Cranbrook Tournament to send along details for posting!!!

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