Executive Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01.

Glenna Earle, NS; 2nd VP

Glenna Earle, NS; 2nd VP

Glenna Earle, 2nd Vice President: It is indeed a pleasure to represent the east coast on the CNSA Executive. We feel as if we are in touch with what is happening on the Shuffleboard scene in our beautiful country, and it is good to be included.  Thanks for the opportunity to share in the decision making on behalf of Shuffleboard in Canada. We in NS were very impressed with the amazing amount of effort put forth by the Goderich folks who hosted the IP in 2015.  We were very pleased to be part of this 1st class event.  Thanks for a job well done. NS now has about 3 shuffle clubs up and running and with the interest in Westville, we hope to see another on the horizon.  There are a few other pockets of players who have remained “under the radar” but we hope to encourage them to join the others in the future. I believe there is a very active club in PEI.  They were able to field a tam for the Goderich IP and it was great to have them.  They added a lot to the camaraderie with their enthusiasm and exciting personalities. NB remains a strong province for shuffling.  They have been most willing to host tournaments for many years, not only with others in this area but on the National & International scene s well. There is a new group which just formed last year in Paradise, NL.  It is in it’s infancy and I do not know how many members are participating.  Hopefully it will grow. Some of the NB shufflers traveled to PEI to play for the 1st time last year.  Usually the Oxford club in NS has one tournament each year with the NB players.  We in Sackville, are too far from the others to arrange a tournament thus far but the time is coming soon when we will attempt to host a tournament with players from other eastern provinces. So…the Atlantic Provinces are certainly active in shuffleboard and we hope to see teams from each of the four provinces take part in the Inter-Provincial events in the near future. Respectfully submitted, Glenna Earle (Pres-Saltwater Shuffleboard Club) and 2nd VP CNSA

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