EXECUTIVE Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01

Henry StrongOutgoing President Henry Strong gave his final speech while the votes were being counted. As we grow older we realize that a $300 watch and a $30 watch both tell the same time.  And the hangover is the same from a $300 bottle of wine as a $10 bottle of wine.  It’s not the price tag that will add value to your life but it is how we treat other people that makes your life more complete and satisfied.  When you come to the ending of something in your life, it really is a chance for a new beginning.  Don’t start your day with broken pieces of yesterday and don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers, plant your own garden and celebrate your own life.  Be thankful for what you have and you will be given more.  Every day is not going to be a good day but there will always be some good in every day.  Every day starts with expectations and ends up with a new experience.  We need to be thankful for family and friends and appreciate their meaning in our lives.  I wish the new President and his Board all the best in the years to come.  Henry Strong.

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4 Responses to EXECUTIVE Reports Submitted to the CNSA National Meeting. 2016 06 01

  1. Terry Rainwater says:

    That’s class Henry…


  2. Michael says:

    Well said Henry.


  3. Steve Barnett says:

    good job Henry!!!!


  4. JERRY says:



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