This Promotional Article Appeared in the Renfrew Mercury to-day, June 22nd, 2016

Noma Deshane, Dorothy H. Lois Desjardins


Norma Deshane and Lois Desjardines, both of Renfrew, shuffle every Tuesday at the Champlain Seniors Centre at 164 Argyle St in Renfrew.

This past Tuesday a group of 10 Shufflers who winter in Lakeland FL joined the Renfrew Shufflers for the regular Tuesday Shuffleboard event.

This is the 2nd year the same group has enjoyed their time with the Renfrew Shufflers and the town itself.  In the photo, Norma is on the left, Lois on the right, and in between is one of the guest shufflers, Dorothy Healy of Brockville, ON.

I now draw your attention to the artificial limb of Dorothy!  It slows her down, not one bit; it detracts from her ability as a shuffler, not one bit!!  Her attitude and enthusiasm are such that her opponents, as the game progresses, forget completely that Dorothy may be limited in some way with respect to competing.  In fact they quickly learn that she is as worthy an opponent as they have ever played!!

Shuffleboard is about placement, coordination and having fun, not brute strength, or demonic speed.  Whether or not you have an artificial limb, why not give some thought to joining fellow citizens at the Champlain Seniors Centre, 164 Argyle on any Tuesday beginning at one o-clock.  We will arrange lessons for you should you wish.  Ask for Margaret Crozier and she will explain the details.

Submitted by Stan McCormack.   Published in the Renfrew Mercury on 2016 06 22.

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