Shuffler Earl Ball Gives His Rationale For Going to Lakeside, OHIO in 2016!!

The Ball Family in 2005. Earl's Mother has "left us", but not forgotten.

The Ball Family in 2005. Earl’s Mother Lucille  has “left us”, but not forgotten. Earl’s brother is on the right.  And of course, that is Earl standing beside Vivian!!!

SUMMER NATIONALS 2016:  It’s that time of year! 

Lary FarisThe Shuffleboard World gathers at Lakeside, Ohio, to contest the Summer Nationals.  The singles start on Monday, I can’t make it because I have a commitment in Florida but come Tuesday morning I’ll be “on the road again”!  I have three driving incentives to travel the 1000 miles; I’ll talk about two now and the other one in another article.  I missed Lakeside last year and when legendary, Lary Faris told me he was disappointed I made the commitment to him that I would return this year for the sole purpose of talking shuffleboard strategy with him, the “Shuffleboard Coach”.  Lary was one of our early pioneers to try and promote shuffleboard using social media, they called them newspapers in those days so you can tell how long ago that was.  Lary wrote articles about shuffleboard strategy to help everyone advance their game. Lary got involved when he was very young because his mother was a shuffler.  She would give him 5 points if he reached the 1st lag line and 10 if he reached the 2nd lag line. 

Stan - Bobblehead PhotoSubsequent to my commitment to Lary I was approached with the opportunity to participate in the presentation of the most successful promoter of the game in today’s world, Stan McCormack, for induction into the United States National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.  Stan has become our eyes to the World of Shuffleboard!  Just stop and think, for a minute, about all of the things you wouldn’t know if it weren’t for Stan.  Stan will be the sixth Canadian inducted, quite an honor, and I, personally, am thrilled that we are honoring an individual that is from another Country that has done so much to help us be successful.  I have no doubt that Stan belongs in everyone’s Hall of Fame; I am honored to make the presentation.

Earl (Ball)  2016 07 11   Stan speaks: If you would like to read an example of Earl’s supreme writing skills, click on this article from 2006 as Earl sets off for Lakeside!!  USNationals, 2006, July, Lakeside by earl 

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