We Share With You just a little about Shufflers Participating at Lakeside. We now give you Bob Jones!!!

Bob Jones accepts the Golden Cue, emblematic of World Singles Championship, from Jim Allen.

Bob Jones accepts the Golden Cue, emblematic of World Singles Championship, from Jim Allen.  (34th ISA in Lakeland, FL)  

Bob Jones said this to some of his friends following the 34th ISA Tournament in Lakeland, FL: “Thank you Sandy! Thank you Bobby! Thank you Charlie! Thank you all the Jones’ and Dellaportas’! Thank you Coach Bean! Thank you Abe and all Fighting Scots! Thank you Lary and all my mentors! Thank you Lakeside! Thank you all my shuffling friends! Thank you Red Lock Sunday morning runners! Thank you RoyRed! The golden cue is coming to Ohio. We are all World Champs!”

Bob will be shuffling the Men’s Doubles this year, 2016, with Marvin McConnell.  Those who followed the action at Lakeside in 2015 will remember vividly,  the match under the lights, between the teams of Sudomir/Cermak and Jones/McConnell!!  Could it happen in 2016??  The beauty of Shuffleboard is, anything can happen??

Bob Jones Readies to Shoot Bob Jones Shoots rapidly


I now want to display two fine shots; double meaning here; fine picture shots and fine deliveries!!!!  The pic on the left, Bob prepares to shoot;  pic on the right of Bob shooting, his arm moving so quickly that the camera catches nothing but a blur!!!!!

I said this following the match: “The new Champion for the Men is Bob Jones. Bob is a 50 year old medical doctor who shuffles out of Lakeside OH. Although Bob has been shuffling since he was 8, (42 years) this was his first ISA event. Most readers will know that Lakeside has a successful youth program which is definitely producing results. Bob’s final match was against a most accomplished shuffler, Rosaire Cote. The match was not decided until the final disc was delivered. Both matches, the Men’s and the Women’s drew significant crowd response throughout. “

Stan McCormack.  2016 07 12.


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