We Share With You just a little about Shufflers Participating at Lakeside. We now give you The Kings, Lynda and Warren!!!

Linda and Warren King Mixed Dbls Champions (2)







Meet The Kings  The couple on the left, Lynda and Warren King, will partner with the Rudolphs, Red and Wilma.  To read a fine overview, a fine summary of how the Kings became involved, click on the link “Meet The Kings” above.  Lynda and Warren have proven to be a force in their TX Winter home, and equally so in their summer residence, Hendersonville.   FORMIDABLE is a word that comes to mind when you unite the Kings and the Rudolphs!!!

And now to the comparable overview, the comparable summary for the Rudolphs:

Red Speaks:  When we first went down to Texas for the winter, I became involved in shuffleboard right away because my dad was the shuffleboard chairperson at the RV park where we first lived.  Wilma was more enthusiastic about pool and had joined a ladies’ pool league that played on Tuesday mornings.  I started playing in the RGVSA men’s doubles tournaments with a fellow from the park.  However, most of our Texas tournaments are mixed doubles and the amateur division plays on Tuesdays.  So, Wilma was unwilling to give up her pool to play mixed with me.  Finally, at the end of the 1995-1996 season, I saw on the schedule that a non-trophy tournament was going to be held on a Wednesday.  This tournament is held each year and is open to amateurs who have never won a trophy.  So, I persuaded her to go and we ended up winning the second-place trophy.  That got her more enthused about shuffleboard.  She gave up her pool league the following season and started playing with me early in the season.  She was still working afternoons for a CPA firm during tax season at that time, so she could only play November, December and the first part of January.  That went on for two seasons and we won a couple of trophies, but nothing spectacular.

I found out about the Ohio tournaments in 1997 and we started playing there in the summer of 1998, where she made instant expert.  After playing all summer, we got off to a great start in Texas, winning the first four amateur mixed doubles that season.  Wilma got permission from her boss to take Tuesday afternoons off and work Saturdays to make up the time, so we got to play all season in 1998-1999.  Wilma placed in the final four of the Texas Masters that year as an amateur and earned more than enough points to move up to expert the following season.

The rest, as they say, is history.  Wilma has earned more points than any other player in the history of Ohio shuffleboard (1,206) or Texas shuffleboard (2,242).  She has served on the TSSA Board of Directors for six years and was RGVSA President for two terms.  She has been the Texas National Delegate for several years.  She started the Texas shuffleboard web site in 2000 and has served as webmaster for a total of ten years.  She helped Jim Clayton start the Ohio shuffleboard web site in 2001 and has served as webmaster for a total of eight years.  She also served on the OSSA Board of Directors for two terms.  Wilma has served as webmaster for the National Shuffleboard Association for several years as well.

Together, we started the Western Valley Shuffleboard Association and she has run WVSA tournaments every week during the Texas shuffleboard season for the past eight years.  We also started a similar organization for the Eastern Valley in Texas three years ago.  Wilma does web sites for both of those organizations.  As you know, she also started the RGV Shuffleboard Facebook group, which has been very popular among the Texas players.  She also started a similar group for the USA NSA and the WVSA.  She has also served as ISA Treasurer for more than two years.  Wilma was inducted into the USA NSA HOF, Player Award in 2007.

So, you can see that I think she is pretty special – a very talented player and an extremely intelligent, hard-worker all in one package.   Red Rudolph.

Red too has his share of accolades!!  He was inducted into the USA NSA Hall of Fame in 2010.  Here are his supporting remarks of 2010:  Red Rudolph into USA NSA HOF

Stan McCormack 2016 07 16.





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