US NSA Hall of Fame Banquet of 2008 by Sandi Quinn!! LAKESIDE; (We Look Back!)


Special Thanks to Sandi Quinn for this Report!! (Stan & Alf)     

It was a sultry evening at Lakeside, OH when 54 people gathered in the beautiful banquet room of the Lakeside Inn for the 2008 US National Hall of Fame Banquet.  US National Pres., Joe Messier welcomed everyone and asked them to stand for a prayer presented by Rev. John Brown, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag.  Pres. Messier then led the procession to the buffet in the adjacent room.  The menu of Chicken breast w/ Roasted Red Pepper & Cream Sauce; Rice Pilaf; Tossed Salad; Warm Rolls & Butter and Sheet Cake was enjoyed by all.  Thank you, Chef Hirsch, your servers, and the Lakeside Inn for a special evening.

With everyone full and sipping on coffee, iced tea or water, Pres. Messier announced this year’s inductees:

Dick WhitakerMr. Dick Whitaker, in the Player category.  We were all sorry Dick couldn’t be with us that evening, but I’m sure you are all aware of his friendliness, his vast accomplishments and many years of support to Shuffleboard.  A very worthy candidate for the US National HOF and we all give him our utmost congratulations.

Ann and Walt Wedel

Mr. Walt Wedel, in the Special Awards category.  Already a member of the US National HOF in the Player category, Walt is being honored and inducted this year for his service as past President.  Introduced by Pres. Messier, Walt was proudly pinned by his wife, Ann.  He expressed his special appreciation to Buck Buchanan, Don Norris & Jim Clayton, and his thankfulness to Larry Faris for his support of Shuffleboard on the National level and at Lakeside.  Last but not least, he expressed his very special appreciation and thankfulness for his wife, Ann.  Congratulations Walt!

6 A Rocky BriggsMr. Rocky Briggs, in the Player category.  Pres. Messier introduced Rocky and gave a summary of his Shuffleboard career.  Rocky began shuffling in 1992, the second year he was voted Club Pres., the following year he became the California Shuffleboard Association’s 3rd V. Pres., then went up the ladder to become the State Pres., at the same time he was Districts 1 & 2 President.  As Club Pres. He won the League Championship 4 years in succession.  Rocky was instrumental in bringing the 2000 International Shuffleboard Tournament to CA.  Rocky has hosted an Any Dbls. National Tournament in Hemet, CA and has participated in 3 ISA tournaments – Australia, Brazil & Canada.  Rocky was appointed Western States Regional V. President by Buck Buchanan, then National Pres., and has held the position ever since.  The ever-humble Rocky, with few words and a heavy heart, expressed his deep appreciation for the honor, and to Shuffleboard Bob, Marty Boyajiam, his shuffleboard friends and especially to his lovely wife, Gigi.   Congratulations Rocky!

Marty with inductor Shuffleboard Bob Zalatel

Marty with inductor Shuffleboard Bob Zalatel

Mr. Marty Boyajiam, in the Special Awards category.  Introduced by Shuffleboard Bob Zaletel, who had this to say about Marty:  From Hemet, CA, Marty is small in stature but a giant in shuffleboard.  He personifies the 4 H’s of shuffleboard – Honorable, Humble, Heart of shuffleboard and Hard-working.  He is the President of Hemet’s District 7;  CSA Secretary for over 12 years;  Head of the yearly kick-off picnic for 400 shufflers and horseshoe players;  Writes a weekly shuffleboard article in the local paper;  Hosted the Bonspiel, no elimination tournament, for 14 years;  Worked with disabled students for over 10 years;  Currently works with 32 foreign exchange students;  Developed a shuffleboard game, “More Heads are Better Than One”;  Given the “Make a Difference” award from the city of Hemet and has inspired the shufflers of AZ who use many of his ideas.  Marty then took the mic and said, “I feel like the luckiest person in shuffleboard!”  He continued, wishing he could cut his plaque into 600 pieces and share it with all those who have helped in his achievements.  He expressed his deep appreciation to Shuffleboard Bob, Rocky and to the US National Shuffleboard Assoc.  Congratulations Marty!

Pres. Messier asked Larry Faris to say a few words.  Among the few words, Larry just had to mention that there was now four generations of winners in the Faris family as his granddaughter, Maddie, took 4th Main in the US National Jr. Singles the day before.  Congratulations Maddie & Grandpa!

Sandi Quinn TX & NCIt was a wonderful evening with laughs, tears and good times with friends.  Thanks to everyone who made this special evening possible.

God Bless & Happy Shuffling, Sandi Quinn.  2008 08 04

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