Rob Speaking With The Shuffler From Athabasca AB.


I am speaking with Rob Robinson who traveled to this tournament (The White Swan in Athabasca, AB) from the state of Washington. During the winter, Robbie shuffles in Mesa, AZ.  I will ask Robbie to tell us just a bit about himself, where he shuffles during the winter, and also his plans for this summer.  Rob: I like to shuffle whenever I can, and since we do not have any shuffling in the state of Washington during the summer, I travel to wherever shuffling might be.  Fortunately there are two in Innisfail, AB, Canada, one here in Athabasca, AB, and next month we are going to Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan.  Hopefully, in the next year or two I am going to buy a few of these Boards and have a tournament or two in the state of Washington.  Stan: In general terms what is your opinion of the performance of the courts here at the WHITE SWAN?  Rob:  Well, compared to Arizona, the courts here are ~~ slower, but there OK, I have definitely shot slower Boards in Ohio.  I actually prefer the faster Boards, like California and Arizona.  Stan: One thing that I find in this type of event ~~ held in a Curling Club as it is, the social activity is enriched and I believe that the participants will remember this type of event longer and with “richer memories” if you will, than for example a similar event held in either FL or AZ.  Would you care to react to that?  Rob:  Well, I am sure of that, because when you are living in either FL or AZ, you are going home every night and not interacting with all the shufflers as we are here, that is many are in Motor Homes or staying at the same motel, so the camaraderie is greater.  You meet a lot more people and you get to know them better.  Stan: OK, I have a follow up to that:  Given the enrichment we speak, should an event similar to this be tried in FL or AZ??  Rob: Oh, I don’t know.  Many people are not like me!! Coming to an event like this may result in a considerable expense ~~ and a lot of people just do not want to do that.  I am not sure that there is an opportunity for an event like this during the winter.

Stan: Thanks for that Robbie.  2005 06 19.

Stan’s Note:  In 2004 Robbie placed 1st in the Championship Event at the White Swan.  He continued eastward to Lakeside, OH where he also competed.

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