Jan and Chuck Ensure the Future of Shuffleboard is both Attractive and Appealing!!

THE CROUSE FAMILY: Three Great Shufflers in 2009

THE CROUSE FAMILY: Three Great Shufflers in 2009 Love that Cue!

Fast Forward to 2016 at Lakeside OH

Fast Forward to 2016 at Lakeside OH; Same Young Lady; Same Mom.

In 2009 we covered the USA NSA Bud Walrath Memorial Tournament held at the Mesa Spirit RV Resort in Arizona.

We Start em Real Young in Arizona!! (was the title of the article I posted on the Website back in 2009)  The 2009 article follows.

The pic on the home page is of Jan and Chuck Crouse, well known to International Shufflers by reason of their participation in Midland, ON in 2007; the Inaugural to Germany of 2007; and also Coolangatta, NSW in 2008 where Jan shuffled for the American Women and Chuck had the sought after position of Head Coach of the Women’s United Nations Team.

However; in this photo, both Jan and Chuck are overshadowed by the sweet young child who just happens to be their granddaughter Mykila who is 2 years and 4 months old!!   Shuffleboard Bob goes “out on a limb” to assert that Mykila just may be the youngest shuffler ever >> even suggesting Arizona may have broken the record of Lary Faris of Ohio who began shuffling at age 3. As any respectable grandmother would, Jan reported that on occasion, Mykila actually scored!!

Great pic guys!! A great opportunity for the visiting media to capture some colour while bringing attention to the Sport!! Stan of The Shuffler. 2009-02-12.

Stan in 2016: Keep the memories alive!!  Make sure your Grandchildren have an opportunity to enjoy shuffleboard and make friends the world over!! 

Stan McCormack.  2016 07 26.  


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