Glenna Earle Reports on the Saltwater Club’s final 2016 MINGLES/SINGLES!!

Saltwater Club 2016 Saltwater Shuffleboard Club is growing and for the first time since our inception we had to roll out 9 courts for our final tournament of the season. We have been needing 9 courts regularly in the past 3 weeks. I am confident that it will not be long before we will need to roll out all 11 courts every week. Maybe next summer we will reach that milestone.

Our Capable TD, Doug Stockman.

Our Capable TD, Doug Stockman.

Our final 2016 Mingles/Singles tournament was held Tuesday (Aug 23) and 34 players participated.  Doug Stockman is our very capable TD, who prepared everyone with the format for the day.
When the final discs came to rest we had a bunch of close scores.

In First Place, We Give You Joe Dulong!!

In First Place, We Give You Joe Dulong!!

Pictured is Joe Dulong, our 1st place winner. If you think having some mobility problems impairs your ability to excel at this sport, Joe can prove you wrong! He is a faithful player who joins us every week and always strives to play a great game.

Our 2nd place winner was a lady who is always in the top 5, Pat Tracey. Pat is a beautiful gentle lady, inside & out, and an excellent player. It is always a pleasure to play with, or against her.
3rd place went to Brian Murphy who is a tough competitor, but also a wonderful helper to new players. Think he is going to become our Glen Peletier of the East!!!
4th place went to Ray Leslie, who only a couple of weeks ago was in hospital dealing with huge kidney stones. 5th place was David Earle……guess you all know him!
We paid 14 players but will not include all the names here. They also got away before we could get pictures, unfortunately. Congratulations to all players!

Our last shuffling day is Tuesday Aug.30th.
As usual, we will have a wild wind-up party at our home, Sep 7th. We always have a wonderful potluck luncheon. One of our loyal members from Liverpool always starts us off with fresh NS mussels….delightful!  Then all sorts of delectable dishes are provided by club members.  Following the feeding frenzy we hold an annual general meeting. The ocean is at our back door but to this point no one has ventured in for a swim!

We are very fortunate to have a good cohesive group of people who are most willing to help do whatever duties are required including rolling out courts, putting up score boards, placing chairs for players, bringing out discs and cues…….and then putting it all back after each session. We could not do this without the continuous assistance of our ever-willing members.
Thanks to all from the Saltwater board.  Sincerely submitted by Glenna Earle.  2016 08 26.

Stan Speaks: Glenna does a GREAT JOB of reporting on (read promoting) Shuffleboard for the Saltwater Club of Nova Scotia.  It is evident that the Saltwater Club is a closely knit group of Shufflers, each  doing their part to enhance their enjoyment.  We will look forward to Glenna’s report on their delectable dishes, provided by club members, described by Glenna as the feeding frenzy!! 

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