Hendersonville NC; Here We Come!! US Nationals Begin 2016 09 05; We Will Be There!!

As Lois and I prepare to shuffle in Hendersonville NC beginning 2016 09 05, we think of  the Great Times we experienced there in 2004 and 2009.  Let’s begin by reposting a Story from 2004!  It brings back great memories!!  (I will do a separate posting for 2009, complete with PIX!!)


Quinns and McCormacksSandi Quinn, most travelled reporter for THE SHUFFLER, not only has an ability to make her reports interesting, she has panache when it comes to hosting a party~~especially when that party is to celebrate the birthday of husband Stan!!  On Monday evening a group of us got together for dinner at Fatz~~which is a first class eating establishment for those who may not know. Landy (Adkins) discovered almost at the outset that one could purchase a full bottle of wine for the price of two glasses!!  Fatz policy; any wine not drank at the end of the evening will be bottled and may be taken with you~~it was not necessary to invoke their policy!! The wine and the tasty food made for good conversation between and among the many friends gathered to help Stan as he officially enters the age category of a Senior!  At the appropriate time the staff came to the table, led us all in a rousing version of Happy Birthday, and then left Stan with the wonderful dessert. It was such a generous helping that Stan passed it around the entire table~~no one could resist, and when it returned there was still a bit left.  All had a great time.  The get-together demonstrated that we all can continue to have good fun, to enjoy a party~~AND most everyone felt “real good” the next day!!!  (Others ended up in the consolation event!!)  It was a great event!  All of us wish Stan a very Happy Birthday!!  Stan (McCormack) writing in 2004.

Not only do we remember the Birthday and the Great Social Interaction on and off the Courts, we also have vivid memories of Hurricane and its direct IMPACT ON US!!  Click on the link:  FRANCES HITS HENDERSONVILLE NC in 2004

Stan McCormack.  2016 08 27.

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