We Offer Remarks With Regard to 3 Outstanding Shufflers!!

Glen Peltier Green JacketEarl Ball and Lary Faris






I believe that most readers will agree that ALL 3 SHUFFLERS, Glen Peltier, Earl Ball and Lary Faris, have contributed significantly to our SPORT.  Pic of Glen taken at Lakeland, circa 2014; pic of Earl and Lary taken at Lakeside Ohio on 2016 07 20, both by Stan.  One of Earl’s prime reasons for coming to Lakeside in 2016 was to share the company of Lary; to engage in conversation, as they are doing above, as they watch the Under the Lights Finals  at Lakeside.  The two keep in close contact.   Both Lary, his wife, and Earl attended the 2016 US National HOF Banquet. To HONOR Lary’s close association with Lakeside, and to Shuffleboard in Lary Faris Plaque Honorgeneral, the Lakeside Club has named the USA NATIONAL SINGLES as above.

I believe that both Glen and Earl will be in agreement with my decision to “zero in” on Lary at this time.  I give you an article by Glen Peltier: 

Lary Faris Shuffleboard Superstar.

When I first started playing shuffleboard, Larry was writing a widely read newspaper column called Shuffleboard Coach. *

Lary addressed the needs of both the amateurs and the pros but he followed the pro circuit and wrote about our games. He covered the Masters every year. I sought him out and we became very close friends. Lary played the classic game. The scoreboard was his silent partner telling him what to do.

Lary wrote a column on Dick Whitaker and myself called THE BATTLE OF THE BEST. Dick and I were at our peak. I sent the article North and as a result many people got a better opinion of shuffleboard.

I asked Lary to write a column about his successful career. He said a man talking about his own accomplishments is very boring. When I wrote my book I asked Lary to write one page.  He wrote about his mother taking him to the courts as a 3 year old in Lakeside Ohio. It was a great human interest story.

Many years ago I was asked to be guest speaker at Sun City, FL.  In the crowd were Lary Faris and Dave Minnich. Dave asked if he could introduce me. I knew I was with friends.

My biggest compliment ever was when Lary and I played a match together about 12 years ago. Lary played badly. When it was over he said that he was nervous playing with me. Here he was, my idol, and he thought I was an icon.

Two weeks before the HOF banquet in January 2012 Lary drove to Clearwater and bought two tickets to the banquet, knowing he would never attend.  He wanted to support the FSA and the HOF. It seems that when we leave shuffleboard we are soon forgotten. We all say we owe more to shuffleboard than it owes us but in Larry’s case, shuffleboard owes much more to him.

Glen Peltier,   2013 04 11

* Lary starting writing weekly articles in 1989. These articles were printed in many Florida newspapers and Lary was known as the Shuffleboard Coach. He continued writing until 2003, writing about 700 articles.

Posted by Stan 2016 08 28.


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2 Responses to We Offer Remarks With Regard to 3 Outstanding Shufflers!!

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    Nice article on Lary, Glen. Love his quote,”a man talking about his own accomplishments is very boring.” Humility like that is very lacking in shuffleboard. A great man whom I’m proud to call my friend!


  2. Earl Ball says:

    Great article Glen! We all owe a great deal to Larry.


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