We Celebrate Stan Quinn’s B/D, his 77th Birthday!!! 2016 09 05

Stan Quinn's BD Cake 2016 09 05Stan Quinn has been fortunate to have a wife who does not forget his birthday!!  Sandi began the public celebrations at Hendersonville, NC > 12 YEARS AGO!! 

The birthday celebrations have become a part of the program for Sep 06th of each of the 12 years!!  Although McCormacks were not present for the initial celebration of 2004, we were present for 2005 and 2009.   The “bench mark” for the 2005 Celebration was the Party at FATZ !  The “bench mark” for 2009 was the great Celebration we had in the Hendersonville Shuffleboard Club House. Sandi and Glen Peltier demonstrated their significant talent, this time OFF THE COURTS!!  Dave and Jeanine Wenger also performed that evening as did others. I still vividly remember Joe and Cecile Messier cutting up on the dance floor!!

Sandi cuts 77th cake This year, 2016, FOLLOWING THE SINGING OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sandi offered brief remarks and CUT THE CAKE for each of us to enjoy throughout the day!!  Although not an integral part of the Birthday, many of us went to dinner this evening (Monday, Sep 5th) at Mills River.  Quinns were joined by their good friends from TX, the Kings, Warren and Lynda.  

TX GROUP Stan; Sandi; Lynda and

Our message to Stan on this his 77th is exactly as it appears on the CAKE!!


Stan McCormack, 2016 09 05

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3 Responses to We Celebrate Stan Quinn’s B/D, his 77th Birthday!!! 2016 09 05

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    I love that Mills River rice pudding

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Sandi Quinn says:

    Thanks Stan! Fourteen of Stan’s 77 birthdays have been celebrated here in Hendersonville with many of our dearest friends of the HSC. Thank you Stan & Lois for making the trip to join us for this year’s celebration . . means a lot to us!


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