Celebration in Hendersonville NC at 310 Lily Pond Road!!

This Young Man Celebrated the Anniversary of His Birth on Sunday, 2016 09 11.

This Young Man Will Celebrate the Anniversary of His Birth on Sunday, 2016 09 11.

brenda-and-harold-thorne-1img_0022“This Young Man” (above with banner) is Harold Thorne of Hendersonville, NC where he lives with his wife Brenda!!   Harold is the 1st VP of the Very Active Hendersonville Shuffleboard Club.  Here is a pic of Jay Fitzpatrick, Club President, with his wife.  As most Readers know, Hendersonville just wound up the first week of their 10 Day National Shuffleboard Event.  The entire Hendersonville Club, with emphasis on BOARD, are to be congratulated for a MOST SUCCESSFUL EVENT!!  (NSA MIXED DOUBLES BEGIN ON MONDAY > 2016 09 12) On Friday night we held a most successful Dinner!! 

Call it a Pot Luck or call it Good Luck!!  The Dinner we held in the Club House this evening, 2016 09 09, was terrific!! Everyone who contributed; everyone who prepared or purchased; everyone who organized deserves a great deal of credit!! There was an abundance of food; an abundance of food was enjoyed!!   Be it Main Course or Desserts, we had a wide choice!!

Following Dinner our attention turned to Karaoke!! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!!

img_0023 img_0024 img_0029 img_0030 img_0031 img_0033 img_0035 img_0040





img_0027 img_0032



img_0034Last 3 pix are “other than” singers. We have two dance pix, AND a pic of Kathy Brennan and her Mother.  As you can see, EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME!

Stan McCormack.  2016 09 10.   Watch for the Mixed Doubles beginning Monday, 2016 09 12.


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2 Responses to Celebration in Hendersonville NC at 310 Lily Pond Road!!

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    Stan, it is so nice to have you and Lois here with us this year! Exhausted, though we are, after playing in one tournament a week (sometimes two) since the first of June, we love having our friends & guests come for the State & National tournaments late Aug. & early Sept. and we will always try our best to show them a good time.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thank You Sandi!! Lois and I enjoyed the week immensely!!! Stan


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