This Club, The St Cloud Shuffleboard Club, Will Proudly Host the 35th ISA World Championships!!



Stan writing on 2016 09 14: The article below is intended to give those attending the 35th ISA this October, just a little more personal information with regard to the great Shuffleboard Club of St. Cloud.  Hopefully it will add to your enjoyment!!!


By Charles Green:  On the afternoon of the recent Open House (November of 2013) of the St. Cloud Shuffleboard Club at 701 Ohio Avenue to celebrate a new roof covering 12 shuffleboard courts, the sky was cloudy and the threat of rain was real.  

Inside the club the atmosphere contained the spirit of the holiday season.  Balloons and banners hung from the ceiling throughout the building.  Greeters welcomed guests upon arrival and gave each one a numbered ticket that guaranteed a chance to win a door prize to be raffled off every half hour until closing. Kitchen workers were busy preparing hot dog and beverage plates for guests following the cutting of the ribbon ceremony.   

The main event of the afternoon was the ribbon cutting ceremony.  President Tom Gionet extended greetings to dignitaries and guests and explained some of the history of the club.  It was organized and located on the present site in 1929 with 12 shuffleboard courts. In 1951 with support from the Chamber of Commerce the City of St. Cloud constructed a second set of 12 shuffleboard courts.  This enabled the club to have enough courts to hold a state tournament.  However no roof was built over the new courts so over the years weather has taken its toll on their condition.  Two years ago the club started the process of securing a roof over the 12 shuffleboard courts.  It was constructed in July. It is the only construction done on this site since 1953. 

As part of the program Mr. Carlos Rivero, President, Café Construction and Development, Roof Contractor presented president Gionet with a gold plated shovel to be placed in the club room as a remembrance of the construction date the new roof was built. 

President Gionet introduced and received a great applause for Boy Scout Nicholas Ochs, a member of Saint Cloud Boy Scout troop 192. Scout Ochs is a candidate for the Life Boy Scout Badge. Scout Ochs and his team of two other scouts and three adults painted 48 benches in the club in preparation for Open House.  

President Gionet also presented Certificates of Appreciation to persons who played a key role in helping to achieve the construction of a new roof. 

The program ended with the cutting of the ribbon that designated the official opening of the 12 courts for play under the new roof. Mayor Rebecca Borders and Commissioner Fred Hawkins representing the city and county that made the financial support necessary to construct the roof were honored by the club to join the president in cutting the ribbon. 

Mayor Borders said, “I am thrilled that the City of Saint Cloud, the Council and Mr. Hurt were able to help a club like this.  This club brings a lot to the community. This is just a small effort on our part to return the favor of what they do for us.” 

Commissioner Fred Hawkins Jr.  said, “Any time we can give back to the community using dollars in a sensible way and this is a sensible way, it allows for recreation especially for our seniors to get out and socialize so it is money well spent and to give back to the community.  It is something that is going to be here a long time that will get a great use.  It will protect seniors and the shuffleboard club from the weather and the heat so we are glad to do it.” 

End of story.  To be taken to several articles directly related to the 35th ISA, enter “35th” into the small rectangle, top right of the page, and hit search.   To read additional articles on this topic: Enter the words St Cloud into the search rectangle and hit search.  To view a Slide Show, click: (Pix by David Martin of Lakeland). 

Stan McCormack.  2016 09 14 19:50.


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