Centre Wellington Wraps Another Successful Season!!

2016-centre-wellington-end-of-season-picWe give you a report by ‘M&M” as it appears on SHUFFLERS OF FACE BOOK:

About forty-five members of the Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club attended the final evening for the year 2016. A group photo was taken by Chris Burnett, two games were played, and the work began. Equipment and mats were up and put in the trailer for storage. We appreciated the help of Kyle and Sean Bryan with the heavy work.
We enjoyed delicious hot pizza, and cake. The hall was filled with laughter, and hugs as everyone wished their friends a great winter.

Murray & Muriel BurnettThanks to “M&M” for their promotional work!!  Stan McCormack. 2016 09 16



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1 Response to Centre Wellington Wraps Another Successful Season!!

  1. Murray and Muriel Burnett says:

    Thank you Stan for picking up our “news” and circulating it further. It is great how you keep the hundreds of shufflers in touch, both in good times and in sorrow. You do a great job!


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