A Positive Shuffleboard Report from Pinellas Park!!!

Originally Posted on  I am confident the shuffling activity will continue on its UPSWING in Pinellas. Stan McC. 2016 09 17

PP courtspp awardpp wall

Above are  photos taken recently at the Pinellas Park Senior Center.
Pictured from left to right, center pic, are: Keith Sabiel: Pinellas Park Recreation Dept: Arlene Guerrini, Member FSA Hall of Fame:
Mickey Henson, also FSA Hall of Famer and Steve Raimondi, WCD President.  Click on pix to expand.
Steve presented Arlene and Mickey with photos to be hung on the new Hall of fame wall at the Senior Center.
Pinellas Park Senior Center has sixteen covered courts. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this summer between 30 and 40 shufflers played three ten frame games against different players. This was about a 30 percent increase from last summer. Many feel this is due to the support and efforts by Keith and his Rec Dept staff with support from the WCD. Once the season starts we hope to have all courts filled.

Best Regards > Frank Niziolek.  2015 09 17

Thanks so very much Frank.  Looks like you have an active facility.  Stan McC.

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1 Response to A Positive Shuffleboard Report from Pinellas Park!!!

  1. Arlene Guerrini says:

    Pinellas Park Senior Center is a wonderful facility to play shuffleboard. The courts all summer have been full of shufflers. During the winter season we fill all 16 courts. The staff that take care of the shuffleboard players & the courts do everything possible to treat us with respect and kindness. It takes only one incident to blacken a good thing, but we all know that Pinellas Park Senior Center
    is the best place to shuffle.


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