Shufflers Take Things Into Their Own Capable Hands to “Save The Fall Season”!! Sent Along by Earl Ball With Thanks.

This pic

Above we have Gabby(can’t remember his real name any more) who is the cross roller.  Everything revolves around how well he does his job; Buddy Allen was his relief man.  The others in the picture are Oscar Clarin who handled the “bug juice” job and Buddy Allen manning a roller along with Central District President Don Rood who drove up from Avon Park to lend support and wound up in the middle of the job doing what needed to be done.  Good leaders do that!


The Lakeland Shuffleboard Club has been waiting for the City all summer to start the court resurfacing project.  Club President, Dean Myklejord, attended the bidders meeting in early September and it became obvious the work wouldn’t start before January, at best.  What to do; the back courts aren’t playable!  Wring your hands and fret; no way!  

Time for action!  Dean rallied the troops and we all headed for Lakeland.  Nearly 20 of us sealed in beads on Friday and the courts are ready to go for a new season and we’ll get by in fine shape until the City can get the refinishing project under way.
That’s the good news! The other side of the coin is Winter Haven where the City told the Club they were going to refinish the courts but in mid-summer told them they had changed their mind and weren’t going to do anything with the courts.  Winter Haven hosts 7 Central District Tournaments; it’s a very important venue to us.  We hired a contractor to paint the lines, which he’ll do mid-week and we’ll take the troops to Winter Haven this coming Friday and seal in beads and be ready to start the season.  It’s amazing what you can do when your back is against the wall!
Earl Ball 9-18-2016
One picture is of the “crew” minus the picture taker.  (Pic below)

That’s host Dean Myklejord and John Houghtailing with the beading tube. 

Work Crew Minus the Picture Taker!!!

Work Crew Minus the Picture Taker!!!

I am guessing that Earl Ball just might have been the “Picture Taker”?  Thanks Earl for The Story and Your Input!!  Great Work Guys!! 

Stan McCormack, 2016 09 18 09:45


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2 Responses to Shufflers Take Things Into Their Own Capable Hands to “Save The Fall Season”!! Sent Along by Earl Ball With Thanks.

  1. kastawaykaty says:

    Hurrah for this ambitious crew! Enables many shuffleboarder’s to continue to enjoy this awesome sport!


  2. Helen Biaggi says:

    Thank You everyone for your hard work. Steve and I know how much time and effort goes into this kind of work, having done 24 Lee County courts one summer with many helpers. Thanks Earl for the update. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer.. Steve and Helen Biaggi


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