Venue of the week: The London (England) Shuffle Club. Sent along by Bob Weber With Thanks!!

Venue of the week: The London Shuffle Club

The classic American game of shuffleboarding is taking Brooklyn by storm and is set to do the same here as The London Shuffle Club opens in Shoreditch in October.

Billed as Europe’s first shuffleboard venue, The London Shuffle Club will open to the public for three months at The Old Truman Brewery on 12 October and will be available for private hire.

The game itself is a mix between ten-pin bowling and curling and its appeal lies in just how easy it is to play, says the club’s founder, Grame Hawkins. He said: “We’re taking our inspiration from Shuffleboard’s recent renaissance in Brooklyn and Miami where it is seriously starting to take off in fashionable off-the-beaten-track warehouses. The game’s appeal is in just how easy it is, and it won’t take long before you feel like you’re good enough to go pro.”

Located on the top floor of The Old Truman Brewery, the space will have an industrial underground party vibe with neon lighting and Miami-style art deco styling.

Pop-up bar specialists Platterform will be on hand to serve up classic cocktails and Americana-inspired food.

The venue can be hired exclusively for up to 300 people.

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