We Bring Back Wonderful Memories of the Japanese Shufflers!! I suggest to you, that you just may wish to SAVE THE PIC!!

JPN President Expresses Her Appreciation.  From 3 Years Ago!!


The article below was originally posted on 2013 09 29 > THREE YEARS AGO TO THE DAY! WHAT A HAPPY GROUP!!  WHAT A PLEASANT GROUP!!  We send each OUR VERY BEST WISHES!!! 

This morning (2013 09 29) when I turned on my computer, in my INBOX was a gracious and wonderful thank you letter from Japan’s President, Yoshiko Suzuki.   It is letters such as these that fuel one’s desire to do a little extra.   It is very difficult to write a thank you letter in another language, even when you have skills in that 2nd language.  Thank You Yoshiko.

Yoshiko sent a along the pic at the top, a pic not previously posted.  It was taken during the 30 Year Celebration in 2009.  Note that Kosai’s sister was so excited, so enthused, that she could not sit on a chair!!  Yoshiko also commented favourably on my choice of music for the Slide Show, used in the original 30 Year article.  ” I can hear the Japanese music by the traditional strings, Koto.”  http://photopeach.com/album/j43hen  Yoshiko went on to explain that many Japanese Shufflers have found the site interesting, commenting on the article “Talk About A Great Shot”   and others.          https://theshuffler.net/2013/09/28/talk-about-a-great-shot-a-one-in-a-lifetime/

I am now going to insert a Statement by President Suzuki with regard to the 30 Year Celebration. It was written in 2009 and was taken from the Booklet produced in conjunction with the Celebration of 30 years of Shuffleboard in Japan. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and compliment the people who introduced Shuffleboard to Japan and have supported Japan National Shuffleboard Association for thirty years. 

This year each national member of the ISA has much stronger rights with the revision of the ISA constitution and a ring of friendship among countries has been expanded.  I would like to make my effort to increase the membership of the JNSA, and hope that more people join the events of ISA to expand the ring of friendship. 

On this special occasion, it makes me very proud to report the victory of the Women’s team in the ISA International Shuffleboard Tournament. 

JNSA President Yoshiko Suzuki.  January of 2009.”

Gus Bondi, then ISA President sent this letter to Japan: This letter was mailed to Japan (1)

I am happy to report that since I began the reporting leading up to the 32nd ISA, the number of viewings (of the Blog) by the Japanese has skyrocketed!!  I have access to the number of viewings BY NATION, but not by individual.  NOTE: To access all the Japanese postings, enter JPN into the search rectangle and hit search.

Stan McCormack.  2013 09 29.

Stan on 2016 09 29: To SAVE THE PIC, right click on same and then click on “Save pic as”

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1 Response to We Bring Back Wonderful Memories of the Japanese Shufflers!! I suggest to you, that you just may wish to SAVE THE PIC!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    This is a lovely picture of our Japanese friends.
    We have many fond memories of them.
    Our friendship song is – “The More We Get Together”.
    Thanks for wonderful memories.
    Myrna & Rendall


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