The Bondis, Gus and Marie, have supported each other for 61 delightful years. 2016 10 08.

Gus and Marie BondiHoly cow!! We have added another great year together….but not without more medical problems.

We took the whole family on a cruise for our 60th, that we were looking so forward to.  There was eleven of us in total…….got on the beautiful ship “Oasis of the Seas” on Saturday, and on Monday I got sick with two things:  A pain in my stomach and a bite in my back…..the pain turned into a emergency appendix operation in Jamaica and six of us got off the ship and I spoiled the whole vacation.  Thank god my wife had talked me into buying insurance for the trip.

The bite turned out to be a large cyst the size of a small orange and I had to have it operated on twice here in Florida… nurse, my wife, had to put her nurses cap back on and take care of me changing the dressing everyday for awhile.

We are going to try a cruise again in the spring and we’re talking about taking the entire family to Disney World because our great granddaughter is of the age to appreciate Mickey and the rest of the gang….we will talk about that at Christmas time when we are all together again. We hope it can come about and happen.

Other than that, just some neuropathy in my feet that has caused a little of a balance problem but it hasn’t bothered my shuffling…….I only use it as a excuse when I lose!!!!

Marie continues to play golf which she loves and both of us have seen our games slip a little, but we’re still here having fun and enjoying one another every day and appreciate that were still here enjoying the things we like to do.  A lot of people can’t say that.

It sure is great when you have a great partner in life by your side when you need help. I certainly have needed help over the past few years.

Marie and Gus Bondi.  Sat, October 8th is the BIG DAY.

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6 Responses to The Bondis, Gus and Marie, have supported each other for 61 delightful years. 2016 10 08.

  1. Joyce and Bob Smith says:

    Thank goodness it turned out ok Gus. Take care.


  2. God Bless you and your wife Gus


  3. Sandi Quinn says:

    Oh my gosh, Gus . . I thought you were doing well! So sorry to hear of your recent ailments. The cruise and other things can be postponed . . I know your family is so thankful you are going to be OK. You are blessed to have Marie, and she you!! Take care of each other & God Bless!


  4. Rosemarie ElRite says:

    Congratulations to a great couple!


  5. Moe & Teresa says:

    Happy Anniversary!


  6. Beth and Jim Allen says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both. We look forward to seeing you both in a few weeks!!


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