Lee County Welcomes the Wuellner Family to Lee County of the Southern District, FSA.

Wuellners, German Shufflers, compete at Lee County District Tournament!!

Wuellners, German Shufflers, compete at Lee County District Tournament!! From left to right, front row: Lore Wuellner, Rendall Bilton,  Myrna Bilton, 2nd row: Sven  and Dieter Wuellner .

Myrna Bilton Speaks: Today Lore and I were partners. Dieter and Sven were partners.

It was at Lee County. It was a no two pro tournament. We all had fun!!!!

Playing a 75 point game was not familiar to the Wüllners but it didn’t take them long to get with the crowd!! They play frame games and do not chart  in Germany, just the way we play shuffleboard in Canada. 

We have several members at Lee who had met the  Wüllners before at ISA tournaments.  

The Wüllner family have made many new friends at Lee. They were made welcome and invited to come back to more tournaments. They are here for the month of October. Besides shuffling, they are enjoying the warm weather and going to the beaches.  Regards; Myrna Bilton.

Stan Speaks: Sven (Wuellner, son of Hannelore and Dieter) in an e-mail to me, expressed enthusiastically how warmly he was welcomed at the District Tournament, and he said that although he was not in “the money”, he was so impressed that he will be competing in St Petersburg on Friday, 2016 10 14.  Sven flies back to Germany on Saturday but his parents, Dieter and Hannelore, will remain for another 2 weeks.

wuellner-hannelore-southern-d wuellners-and-biltons-cueswuellner-sven-southern-tournamentPix by Sven: Click on any pic to expand.   ALSO CLICK:   https://theshuffler.net/2016/10/08/biltons-and-wuellners-enjoy-each-others-company-in-sunny-florida-in-advance-of-the-35th-isa-team-championship/

My thanks to Myrna; my thanks to Sven; may the Wuellners enjoy the remainder of their visit!!  Stan McCormack 2016 10 13.

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