20161013_085741The CENTRAL DISTRICT of the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) held their opening Tournament at Lakeland, FL on 2016 10 14 and 15th.  The event was a “Pro Only, Draw Doubles”, and while the Tournament Results are not yet final, we have even bigger, more significant news for you!!!

pauline-murphyPauline Murphy has reported to us early this morning that Dean Myklejord proposed to Nancy Maclean during the Lakeland Tournament.  See the pic of the two of them above!!  Could a WEDDING ON THE COURTS be in the future?? 

The Very Best To Dean and Nancy from The Shufflers of Central District.

Thanks to Pauline for sending along this information.   Stan. 2016 10 14.

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  1. the question is did she say Yes

  2. Audrey and Merv says:

    Congratulations Nancy, you make a great couple on and off the courts. All the Best.
    Your friends from the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. We will see you at the tournaments in Florida.
    Audrey and Merv

  3. Glen Peltier says:

    WONDERFUL. There is no nicer couple. Your a brave man Dean. Glen Peltier.

  4. Myrna Bilton says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Nancy and Dean. 💕
    Myrna & Rendall

  5. Muriel and Murray Burnett says:

    Congratulations, Nancy and Dean.❤️

  6. shirley.monger says:

    congrats Nancy & Dean all the best.

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