Shufflers World Wide Are About to Gather in St Cloud, Florida for the 35th ISA Event! It’s Going To Be A Great Event!!!

Logo 35th ISA St CloudThe ISA was born on March 10th, 1979.  To see the Very Best Photo of the FOUNDING FATHERS we have, please click on the words founding-fathers, below.

founding-fathers  Below the pic you can read the names of those involved and the position they held. I apologize for not having pix of the Secretary, Dorothy Wyatt, or the Tournament Director, Ray Mosley.  If you have, please send

Stan Speaks: International Shuffleboard Tournaments are wonderful opportunities, NOT ONLY to compete against Shufflers from many parts of the world, BUT ALSO a wonderful opportunity to engage in conversation;  to listen to ideas;  to gain an appreciation and understanding  of different cultures.   We should remember and appreciate our Founding Fathers who worked diligently to  create and support the International Shuffleboard Association (ISA)!  Repeating: To see the Founding Fathers > of Japan, Canada and the United States, click on the words founding fathers, above.  ISA President William Johnstone said this at the opening of the very first ISA in Muskegon MI.  We hope that you will enjoy yourself at this event, meeting old friends and making new ones while watching chosen shuffleboard players from three great nations, in a friendly manner, strive for supremacy as the world champion shuffleboard players.” 

Howard Hawkins, USA National President, said this:  “Shuffleboard is more than a sport and represents more than ability and judgement. It is also the art of making friends in a unique way. You are an important part of the whole sport, and without your support, there would be no game.”

I am now going to insert a letter received to-day, from Roy and Doreen Norman.  The letter was sent by normal post, i.e. using Canada Post. Rather than type out the letter, I scanned it to my computer.  Accordingly it is available as a pdf file. NOW; please read the letter from the NORMANs.  (link below) I can think of no couple who has given as much to Shuffleboard; no couple who has participated in as many International Events!!  Both Roy and Doreen are participating in the 35th ISA in St Cloud, FL;  their 19th!!   (Roy is ONLY 89; he will make many more!!)         normans-have-been-shuffling-a-long-time  If you would like to read MORE about Roy and Doreen, enter the word “Norman” into the search rectangle, top right of any page of The Shuffler!!

Roy and Doreen Norman

Roy and Doreen Norman

 Stan McCormack.  2016 10 16.

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