Breaking News!! John Brown begins his Weekly Shuffleboard Series! A Big Thanks to John for his DEDICATION!!


Dolores and John Brown enjoying life at Lakeside, OH on July 20th, 2016.

Dolores and John Brown enjoying life at Lakeside, OH on July 20th, 2016.

Once again John has agreed to send along the weekly Newspaper articles he prepares for a FL Newspaper.    We thank John and Dolores for their dedication to the sport they love.  I am now going to link you to the FSA HOF Induction remarks of John, by Roy Norman.  Even if you have known John for 75 years, I truly believe you will enjoy this article!!!!  1 ACTUAL FOR JOHN BROWN BY ROY NORMAN 


     Let us all be thankful that we are able to shuffle as the 2016-2017 Florida Shuffleboard season begins.  Fallen comrades unable to continue include Larry Toole of Palmetto and Central Ohio who passed away  at his daughter’s home on the way to Ohio in April.

    Also Casey Moubray in Michigan who played long and well at Bradenton Shuffle Club for a couple of decades.

     Chuck Gregory of Trailer Estates was just getting acquainted around the District and was scheduled to play with me again this year, yet he only lived until May of this year.

     Patty Yates of Tropic Isles also died in May, despite her fondness for competition, as   did Bill Faudree of Indiana and Fairlane Acres who loved the game as much as any.

     Bill Hickman of Ellenton Gardens also will not be back this season.  He had been so grateful for our published comments about his wife who passed away a few years ago, also as a newer shuffler.

     Clark Bennett of Adrian, Michigan and Paradise Bay, also a Vice-President and Chaplain of Bradenton Shuffle Club is gone from our midst since his death last month.

     Mary Barnard of Michigan and Trailer Estates was active in the Petticoat League for many years, passed on after long-suffering complications.

     State competitors will remember George Adkins from Ohio and Port Charlotte.  George was even Treasurer of the USA-NSA for the past few years and was very active in Ohio along with his wife Landy, who is the current President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.  George was elected Saturday to the FSA Hall of Fame as a Special Award to be presented posthumously in January.  That move had been in process all last season.  All these friends will be missed.

     Other actions of the FSA meeting Saturday included appeal by President Landy for establishment of a volunteer  bank of names to include future members, Committee members, etc.  So, if you would like to become involved in state service, let President Ron know, or go to the website for details at  (or simply click: )

     Hopefully, more details next week from the FSA meeting.  You will notice we now publish on Wednesday.  Like all newspapers, space is scarce and we may need to cope with several new requirements in future weeks.


     FL P-1A at Port Charlotte, Oct. 3. M/L Doubles. Ladies Main: 1. Nancy Sclafani, 2. Kathy Smith-Claudia Kellogg.  Consolation: 3. Flo Kowalewski, 4. Terri Smith-Pam Nurnberger.  Men Main: 1. Ron Nurnberger-Dave Kudro, 2. Jim Smith-Nelson Kellogg.  Consolation: 1. Faren VanDeGrift-Jim Miller, 2. Gerry Curwin-Mike Marquis.

     SWCD D-1 at Bradenton Oct.6, Any Doubles. Main: 1. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor, 2. Bill Hollabaugh-Arnie Congdon, 3. Ralph Lozano-Jerry Stannard, 4. Ned Fogarty-Ed Boley.  Consolation: 1. Jim Miller-Judy Taylor, 2. Jim Vatter-Richard LaBrecque, 3. Dennis Spangler-Fred Thompson, 4. Keith Petty-Gerry Johnson.

     FL  P-2A at Avon Park, Oct. 10, M/L Doubles.  Ladies Main: 3. Flo Kowalewski-Dolores Brown.  Consolation: 4. Shirley McCullough-Letha DeVries.  Men Main: 1. Dwayne Cross-Nelson Kellogg, 4. Jerry Stannard-Ralph Lozano.  Consolation: 2. John L. Brown-Stan Kowalewski.

     FL P-2B at Zephyrhills, Oct. 10, M/L Doubles. Men Main: 2. Dave Kudro-Dave Minnich.  Ladies Consolation: 1. Terri Smith.

     SWCD D-2 at Bradenton, Oct. 13, M/L Singles, Non-walking.  Men Main: 1. Ron Nurnberger, 2. Jerry Stannard, 3. Larry Taylor, 4. John L. Brown.  Consolation: 1. Ralph Lozano, 2. Ira Snook.3. David Welsh, 4. Bill Batdorff.  Ladies Main: 1. Margaret Hartzler, 2. Terri Smith, 3. Lois Wegner, 4. Adriana Cramton. Consolation: 1. Nancy Sclafani, 2. Evelyn White, 3. Shirley McCullough, 4. Sue Minnich.


     Thursday, Oct. 20 D-3 at Bradenton Shuffle Club, M/L Doubles.

     Monday, Oct. 17, FL P-3A at Clearwater, P-3B at Lee County, Mixed Doubles.

Happy Shuffling.

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