BREAKING NEWS: ISA President Michael Zellner Thanks the Host and Welcomes All to St Cloud, FL

  Logo 35th ISA St CloudEM ISA Logo 300dpiOn behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association (ISA), I wish to extend our appreciation to the City of St. Cloud, Florida and the United States National Shuffleboard Association (USANSA) for hosting this the 35th World Shuffleboard Championship.  I am proud to announce that at this time we have 105 competitors from 14 Nations headed to St. Cloud.  Countless hours have been spent by many individuals and volunteer organizing committees over the past year and a half, in direct preparation of this event. Special recognition goes out to: John Poole – Director of Sports Marketing & Development for the Kissimmee Sports Commission, Gail Bartashy – Kissimmee Sports Event Coordinator, Tom Gionet – President of the St. Cloud Shuffleboard Club, Barbara Fournier – Club Treasurer for the World Championships, Carol and Jack Byron – Planners, Wilma Rudolph – ISA Treasurer, and last but not least Glenn Monroe our Tournament Director.  

The Board of Directors and I, wish the Best of Luck to each and every competitor during this event and we highly encourage our visiting international members to take the time to enjoy the hospitality that the cities of Kissimmee and St. Cloud have extended to us by visiting and supporting the local businesses, restaurants and touristic sites throughout your stay. 

Warmest Wishes and shufflers “May the Drift be With You”   

Michael Robert Zellner, President

International Shuffleboard Association

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