Food Wagon For PO5 at BRADENTON!! Begins 2016 10 31. Enjoy the Food and the Tournament!!


The Schedule for the FL State Tournaments may be found here:  Should you go to the link, and scroll down to PO5, you will see that the tournament being held in BRADENTON, FL, is THE ONLY TOURNAMENT on this day, AND it is both a FL State and a NATIONAL Tournament!!  It follows that should you place in this event, not only will you build your point total in the FSA, you will ALSO build your point total in the NATIONAL record system!!  Should you wish to see the NATIONAL point totals, go here  You will see that FL Shufflers are doing “quite well” with regard to # of ACCUMULATED POINTS.  Should you wish to see the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) point totals, go here:

Incidentally, the tournament is a SINGLES EVENT, BOTH WALKING AND NON WALKING.  You NEED NOT be a “FL Pro” to participate!!  Any SHUFFLER may participate. There is a MEN’s and a WOMEN’s event.

MY MESSAGE: The SWCD President, Mr. Ron Nurnberger, has asked me to share with you that Bradenton  will have a FOOD WAGON with multiple food choices present for the major tournament in BRADENTON, beginning 2016 10 31 !! 

Stan McCormack.  2016 10 22.

Stan’s “Xtras”: If you checked the FLORIDA POINT TOTALS, you would have seen that Glen Peltier has the most; and Earl Ball is in second place.  As we have been talking, above, about BRADENTON, I am giving you a STORY that took place at Bradenton. Who knows how exciting it may be this year???? humility-bradenton-100-1st-place-wins-glen-comments


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