FSA Linda Rebholz, Sec of the FSA Comments on the 35th ISA!!

Pic sent along by Barbara Hoyer with thanks.  Article by Linda Rebholz with THNKS.

Pic sent along by Barbara Hoyer with thanks. Article by Linda Rebholz with THNKS.

Linda Rebholz Speaks:  Several participants arrived at the Embassy Suites on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed hotel reception (happy hour). This is a nice hotel and we have lovely 2 room suites. 

At registration on Sunday morning there were hugs as friends reunited. Commercial buses are shuttling players to the courts for practice. The St. Cloud Shuffleboard Club has a mouthwatering display of goodies. The newly covered courts with the flags of the countries flying reminded us of all the hard work, the club and it’s volunteers had put in.  A delicious sandwich lunch was served and at 2:00 the busses picked us up to transport us to Wild Florida. A surprise was the Police escort all the way! We were taken on an airboat ride in Lake Cypress and spotted a few alligators! As part of our Meet & Greet, Wild Florida served chicken tenders, chicken wings & bar-b-queue sliders. Gator was given to any who wished to sample it. We retuned to the hotel, tired but happy. 

pb-4Monday morning dawned bright and cool for our opening ceremonies. President Zellner announced that there are 14 countries represented with 104 participants. I get chills as each country parades in and their national anthems are played. I wish every shuffler could witness this event.

Linda Rebholz, FSA secretary.  Thanks so very much Linda; Stan 2016 10 25 in Berlin

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