BREAKING NEWS from the Board Meeting of the 35th ISA. The ISA has a New President!!

IMG_0268 - Myrna HOFLadies and Gentleman, Shufflers All; I am pleased to report that we have a new ISA PRESIDENT > MYRNA BILTON. 

Myrna was the immediate past First Vice President of the ISA; she successfully held the office of CNSA President for two years and was awarded the Special Award for her role in this capacity.  Myrna also has Shuffling Skills and as evidence has won many honours in this regard.  We look forward to CONTINUING PROGRESS of the ISA.

Stan McCormack. 2016 10 26.


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8 Responses to BREAKING NEWS from the Board Meeting of the 35th ISA. The ISA has a New President!!

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Congradulations Mryna. I know you will do an outstanding job representing all shufflers from around the entire world. Everyone will support you in everything you say and do. Your friend always. Glen Peltier.


  2. Congradulations Mryna .We at the St Cloud Shuffleboard club would like to thank you for all you do for shuffling, and we know that you would do a great job , With love , Tom G.


  3. Glenna & David Earle says:

    A very special CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend Myrna on her deserving appointment to the positiont of ISA President. Good luck Myrna and we shall chat soon. Love, Glenna


  4. Murray and Muriel Burnett says:

    Congratulations Myrna. We look forward to many wonderful shuffling events. Thank you Michael for your years of dedication as president. We know you will continue your support to the new board, and your position as past president.


  5. Congratulations, Myrna! We know that you will do an outstanding job as the ISA President! We also thank you, Michael, for your service as the ISA President for many years!


  6. hwshuffle says:
  7. ken offenther says:

    myrna is a very special lady- intelligent .warm-hearted,and dedicated to shuffleboard-the isa is in great hands for years to come.-michael has been a visionary president we wish him well!


  8. Lynda babcock says:

    Congratulations Myrna you will do a great job as the new isa president Thank you mich all job well done.
    My friend and shuffleboard partner
    Love Roy


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