Bernar Borges Inducted Into the ISA HOF, Player Award at the 35th ISA in St Cloud, FL!! Congratulations Bernar From All Shufflers.

bernar-into-hof-standing-by-michaelInternational Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame Inductee.

Michael Zellner Speaks:  Shuffleboard has been going through many fabulous changes in recent years. Newer, younger and highly motivated individuals have been arriving on-scene and altering the destiny of our shuffleboard organizations around the world. It gives me great pleasure to nominate a member of this younger generation and incidentally our youngest candidate to date for induction into the ISA Hall of Fame in the Player’s Award Category.        Bernar Borges may only be 25 years old but his record of accomplishments demonstrate that he has done more for the promotion of shuffleboard than many of our more senior players. He began shuffling in 2005, at the age of 14, with the Brazilian National Team that was training and preparing to Host the 24th ISA World Championship. He set up courts, polished disks and ran errands all week long supporting this World Championship and little did we know the spark was ignited. Bernar then trained continuously under Pro and ISA Hall of Famer Dr. Luiz Pimentel and at 17 garnered a position on the Brazilian National team to compete in the 2007 ISA World Championship in Midland, Canada. Bernar was the Top finisher of the Brazilian team and was also the recipient of the ISA Sportsmanship award. What a first World Championship for this young lad. His next World Championship participation was in Germany in 2010 and Bernar was tied for the Top Brazilian finisher. In 2011, Bernar was again the shining star of the Brazilian delegation in the first World Singles and took the Bronze Medal for 3rd place defeating well-known pro players Earl Ball and Ken Offenther. In 2012, Bernar was hand picked by the ISA President to accompany him and a select group to attend the TAFISA conference in Lithuania. In 2013, Bernar competed in the 32nd World Championship in St. Petersburg, Florida, which was also the 100-year anniversary celebration.

In 2014, Bernar was elected to be the Brazilian National President another record breaking feat among all National Presidents due to his youthful age. That same year as National President and Captain of the team, Bernar coached and rallied his team to a joyful and tear-filled victory garnishing the Bronze Medal for 3rd place in the 33rd World Championship. Bernar was once more the Top finisher and for the first time, since entering the World Championships back in 1996, the Brazilian team took home a medal. Bernar has always been that person who raises his hand whenever help is needed. When the ISA President and Board were designing a more updated flag for the ISA and reached out for inputs, Bernar, being his usual self, jumped up and sent in various designs for consideration. One of which is the current version of our ISA flag. Back in Brazil, Bernar presides over the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association, actively supports the ISA as an involved Vice President and even finds time to hold teaching seminars throughout Brazil to entice more youth into this sport. And if that’s not enough Bernar, being of the computer savvy generation, set up the Brazilian Shuffleboard Website and contributes significantly to the World Shuffleboard website and blog of Stan McCormack. On a final note, Bernar volunteered and was selected, by the voting body of the ISA, to be the Host for the 2017 ISA World Singles Championship. Clearly, Bernar exemplifies the most sought after qualities that indeed deserve induction into the ISA Hall of Fame and I am proud- so very proud- to nominate the once young lad – now outstanding young man for induction into the prestigious ISA Hall of Fame in the year two thousand and sixteen.


Michael Robert Zellner, President                                       International Shuffleboard Association.  2016 10 26.


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