35th ISA: HOF Incuction Acceptance Remarks by Sebastian Runge. 2016 11 02.

Sebastian Runge’s Acceptance Remarks

Yes, dear shuffleboard friends, I’m so happy and I feel highly honored… first and foremost that all of you are my Shuffleboard family since 10 years now;
thank you
so much!

In my first life I’ve been an untalented soccer player,
but now I’m a shuffleboard player, some of you will say:
still untalented.
But with this induction into the ISA Hall of Fame my dream come true!

Thank you… all of you who have selected me,
Dieter Hussmann who has presented me with such a warm laudation  but most of all my outstanding wife Kerstin and my three children Selina, Marius and Freddy for their outright support.
Last but not least I have to mention my parents and especially
  my mother, who passed away when I started to play Shuffleboard in 2006. It’s due to her that my family is in the financial position to travel every year to the worldwide ISA tournaments. Thank you, Mom!
You all have given me the chance to live my passion, and I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Enough of sentimental words, I will come to an end:
Shuffleboard is more than the activity on the courts, Shuffleboard is getting together.

So let’s have fun tonight and may the drift always be with you!

Sebastian Runge on the occasion of his HOF Induction.

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