35th ISA: We Give You the Acceptance Remarks of HOF Inductee Bernar Borges.

bernar-into-hof-standing-by-michaelBERNAR BORGES 2016 ISA HALL OF FAME INDUCTION SPEECH
Good evening everyone!
First of all, I would like to say that I feel very much honored for being inducted into the International Shuffleboard Assoc Hall of Fame, especially for being introduced by the I.S.A President and, coincidently, the man who started promoting shuffleboard in Brazil in 1996, my friend Michael Robert Zellner. So thank you so much Mike.
By the way, I need to mention that the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association is making its Twentieth anniversary on next Tuesday! (November 1st) We’re gonna make a barbecue party in Brazil right after this event and you are all invited.
Well, I will try to express how I feel tonight. Hope you can understand my pronunciation.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a huge honor to be here tonight, standing on the same stage with all these outstanding people (behind me). It’s hard to believe, that from now on, my name will be listed besides theirs, at the ISA Hall of Fame Museum, in Clearwater. It’s amazing, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life for this.
Shuffleboard means so much to me, so this must be one of the most emotional moments of my life. (And probably the most nervous too)
Including this one, I have made 7 international trips in my life, to 4 countries. And all these travels were to play shuffleboard.
This sport has given me so many wonderful and unforgettable experiences. The cultural exchanges at international events like this are amazing. Making friendships from all over the world, visiting so many beautiful cultures and places, and having fun playing your favorite sport… What else could you ask??
That’s what shuffleboard is all about!
I would like to thank my father, Antonio Borges. Unfortunately he couldn’t be here tonight. In the early years, he kept driving to Luiz Pimentel’s house to carry me to play shuffleboard twice a week, even when he was not much into shuffleboard anymore. My mother Ana Maria Ana Maria Braga, who supports me in these international trips.
Also, a special “thank you” to my Brazilian friends! Koquito (Marcos), Lucila, Pavão, e aqueles que não puderam estar aqui: Hernani, Pedro, Delson e Luiz. Se não fosse por vocês, talvez eu nunca tivesse saído do Brasil para jogar shuffleboard.
I said that without their help, probably I would have never played Shuffleboard outside Brazil. So thank you guys.
Thank you to the Allen family, here represented by Jim and Beth. You guys not only provide the world with the best equipment for more than 70 years, but support and promote shuffleboard in so many ways, including organizing international tournaments in many countries. Thank you for never stop believing in shuffleboard, even when its clubs and members was dramatically decreasing and it looked like it was going to disappear, some decades ago. But you know, shuffleboard is just like Rock n Roll… IT WILL NEVER DIE.
I wanna thank all the ISA board members for voting for my induction!
I also would like to congratulate my mates being inducted along with me tonight, Sebastian Runge and Don Breau. Congratulations guys. Well deserved!
I think I have thanked everyone, and I know you guys must be tired already, but before I finish, I would like to say a few more words… OK?
All this time, since I got involved with shuffleboard, there was always one question that I still didn’t find a convincing answer: WHY ISN’T SHUFFLEBOARD BIGGER?
I mean, if you look at Curling, Bowling or even Bocce, they are much bigger, professional and well-known sports.
Curling for example is in the Winter Olympics, Bocce is in the Paralympics. But, in my humble opinion, they are not as cool as shuffleboard! Not to mention that people from every age can play shuffleboard.
How about Curling? I know that there are many strong and healthy people here, but we have to agree that it must be very hard to keep sweeping the ice very hard for hours!
And how about bowling? Many little kids at the age of 5 or 6 can play shuffleboard, can they hold that heavy bowling ball?
Now, really, I went to see the finals of bocce at the Paralympic Games in Rio last month, and honestly, it was so boring. And I do know the rules! But all I could think while watching the game was: “It’s so unfair that shuffleboard is not here yet.”
But it’s ok. No need to worry. Actually, I see a great future for our sport. I am really sure, that shuffleboard will become popular in many countries.
Thanks to the internet (which brought the world to a new era) and thanks to many guys here tonight that love to promote it, shuffleboard is under resurgence, just like vinyl records. The old is new again. Not only in the US. Shuffleboard has already reached countries like Germany, Norway, Russia, Poland and the UK, where it all started 5 hundreds years ago.
One day, many countries will have lots of their own “Royal Palms Clubs”. (Brooklyn, NY)
In Brazil, for years I’m making efforts to develop and present the sport to the maximum people possible, and I will never stop doing it. In fact, this year I went back to university to study business management, and I’m loving it.
I use to say to my friends in Brazil: “There are still bowling places to go out and play with friends, only because they didn’t discovered shuffleboard yet.”
So, if someone asks me what my goal in life is, I would say: To put shuffleboard where it deserves to be.
And last, but not least… next year the world championship will be held in my hometown (Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, from 23rd to 28th of July) and I want to see everybody there to help us make it another wonderful, successful and unforgettable event!
Thank you all so much!
Enjoy the evening. Enjoy the tournament. Enjoy your life. And remember: KEEP SHUFFLING.
Posted by Stan in Vienna Austria on 2016 11 02 at 06:15 local.
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