More on Remembrance/Veterans Day: 2016 11 11.

michael-1972 veterans-present-in-lakelandToday, (2016 11 11) let us remember and honour the many Americans and  Canadians who have fought so bravely in defence of our country throughout our history, so that we might enjoy peace, freedom and democracy.  On this 2016 Veteran’s – Remembrance Day, we have added a pic of Immediate Past ISA President Michael Zellner.  Pic of Michael taken in 1972, fresh out of Air Force Basic Training with orders to Cam Ranh Air Base, Republic of South Vietnam.

The pic at the top of the several Veterans is  by Lois McCormack.   Both Canadian and American veterans just happened to be present at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Membership Meeting in Lakeland, FL. on 2015 11 11. 

Stan McCormack.  2016 11 11

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3 Responses to More on Remembrance/Veterans Day: 2016 11 11.

  1. Rosemarie ElRite says:

    Thank you for your service!


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  3. Joan McCurdy says:

    Yes, thank you for your service.
    My Father was a pilot in WW11 ~ and other family and friends.
    So many we don’t know but still honour.


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