We Bring You Greetings from Ashwellthorpe of the UK! Sent Along by Muriel Burnett With Thanks. 2016 11 11.

Jennifer and Gordon Robbie.

Jennifer and Gordon Robbie.

Subject: Ahwelltlhorpe Shufflelboarders’ Greetings

muriel-burnettMuriel Burnett Speaks: I would like to share a lovely message I received today from Robbie and Jennifer Gordon.  Murray and I shared a table with them at our closing evening at the Maid’s Head Hotel, following the Norwich tournament in April of 2015.

It is so nice to hear about Shuffleboard Tournaments, followed by Socials,  activities which make Shuffleboard so enjoyable, activities which make our life more enjoyable.

Here is that message, the lovely message from Jennifer and Gordon:

“Greetings from Ashwellthorpe to you. It was good to hear about you again and receive your felicitations via Trevor Seaman. We had our match against a Wymondham team on Wednesday 7 November, not long after his and Cathy’s return. We had eight in each team so played four doubles and eight singles – Alan Dawson, Gordon and I were part of the Ashwellthorpe team and ;the Ashwellthorpe team was able to win all the doubles and the singles matches were divided 5 wins for Ashwellthorpe and 3 for Wymondham. Trevor beat Gordon in the last singles of the evening and he must have found our very short, and very slow rubber shuffleboard courts very strange after the speed of the Florida ones. A good, social evening indeed, with some wine/tea/coffee and savoury nibbles to help us along the way. 

We had been following your photos of the Florida tournament on the website and saw how successful and enjoyable it must have been, with a good selection of teams – I liked the sound of a UN team! We’ll no doubt hear more about it when we see Pete and Lesley at one of our get-togethers, once they return. 

Anyway, ;good to hear from you again and all the very best. 

Jennifer and Gordon Robbie.”

* To be taken back to the Norwich Inaugural, enter NORWICH into the Search Rectangle (top right of window) and hit search: 

Stan Speaks: Thanks so very much Muriel, Jennifer and Gordon,  for “KEEPING THE MEMORIES ALIVE” !!  Stan 2016 11 12.

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