Breaking News!! IN FL, We Have Two State Mixed Dbls Tournaments; One in Lakeland; One in Bradenton!!

You will recall that last week, Ball and Partner Marshman ended up playing Strong and Partner Brake for 1st; with Strong and Brake taking 1st!!  **  Tomorrow, Monday, Nov 12th, both Ball and Strong, complete with very strong partners will be at Lakeland!!

This week, Ball will have his regular partner Diana Morrison.  It was fate that put Linda Marshman and Earl Ball together last week. Earl explains it this way: “My partner, the games best female player, Diana Morrison, spent Friday night in the hospital.  She called me on my way to the Zephyr Club meeting on Saturday morning to tell me she couldn’t play; now for the lucky part.  I was just standing up from my seat after the meeting when Linda Marshman came up to me and told me she needed 20 some points to make the Hall of Fame and asked if I could help her.  I knew she was scheduled to play with Katy Walker in Bradenton.  I knew Katy was making a special effort to help Linda because Linda was supposed to play with Glenna Earle who isn’t here yet.  Well I mentioned what had happened with Dianna and Linda asked if I could wait until she talked to Katy; she did and Katy released her.”  The rest is history!!

SO SHUFFLERS; tomorrow at Lakeland you can expect to come up against Team  Strong and Brake or possibly Team Ball and Morrison.  AND IT FOLLOWS, if things go as they did last week, Team Strong and Brake could end up playing Team Ball and Morrison for FIRST!!  NO matter how it turns out, there  will be some exciting shuffling at Lakeland tomorrow, Nov 12th, 2016!!  WE ALL KNOW OF COURSE, that Shuffleboard being what it is, both of these top performing teams could be home by lunch!


Stan McCormack. 2016 11 20 19:30


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