Happy Thanksgiving!! AND Good Shuffling!! Life is Good to quote Wilbur Estes!!

Gently Falling Snow Can Be Quite Appealing to those who grew up with it!!

Gently Falling Snow Can Be Quite Appealing to those who grew up with it!!  Pic Taken Nov 22; Snowing Also To-day, Nov 24. 

First, I would like to wish American Shufflers a Most Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shufflers who  may wish to WORK OFF a little of that Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner should consider participating in the DAVIS MEMORIAL at Avon Park , 109 East Main St.  Regardless of District, you may participate in this Memorial (No Point); Good Money, Tournament.  Please PRE REGISTER: click for details:  https://theshuffler.net/2016/11/16/come-shuffle-at-avon-park-ams-and-pros-all-districts-prerigister-for-the-davis-memorial/ 

MAX TATEWhile I have your attention, I want to tell ALL THE AMATEURS  about a Tournament that will TOUCH YOUR HEART; the only AM US NSA Mixed Doubles in Florida; The Juanita Harlow US NSA Mixed Doubles.   It is open to all Amateurs, regardless of District!  It too is hosted at Avon Park, 109 East Main Street.  Florida Shuffleboard Promoter Max Tate will be your host. Max will tell you about Juanita!!   Max will tell you about the history of this event!!  THE DATE: Monday, December the 5th.  Go here to read the emotions of the 2 Great Shufflers who placed 1st in 2015!!! https://theshuffler.net/2015/12/09/range-of-emotions-on-winning-the-juanita-harlow-national/ 

Stan McCormack.  2016 11 24.

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