Zephyrhills President Henry Strong “Seasons The Discs” for Winter Haven!! Thanks Henry!! Sent along by Earl Ball.

Henry Strong Seasoning Discs for the WINTER HAVEN CLUB!!

Henry Strong Seasoning Discs for the WINTER HAVEN CLUB!!


What were you doing at 07:00 Thanksgiving morning?  Henry Strong was busy seasoning discs for the Winter Haven Club, yes that’s right!  Improving Winter Haven’s playing conditions is an ongoing project involving many people.  Henry took a set of Zephyrhills discs to the last tournament at Winter Haven and they traveled 12 to 15 feet further than the ones in play at Winter Haven.  They stacked Winter Havens 8 discs up and Zephyrhills discs next to them and the Zephyrhills discs were a whole disc higher which highlights the mass the Winter Haven discs have lost over there life.  Henry started the ball rolling for new discs by suggesting the Central District lend the money to the Winter Haven Club for new discs and President, Don Rood, polled the Board Members and they agreed; what better way for a district to invest in their future.  Henry got the discs and started the 3 day seasoning process this morning.  It takes a lot of effort from lots of people to be successful, even down to Glen Monroe furnishing the name and other significant information to get the dots that go on the discs.  Next Thursday we will go early and rally a group to put those dots on the discs so we can put them in play.

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving too!

Earl  2016 11 24.

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