SHUFFLERS; The Lakeland Courts Are Being Made Even Better!! Hats Off To All Who Worked!!








On Saturday morning we took the drag board that Henry Strong built, using his farming experience leveling fields, to Lakeland to smooth out their refinished courts.  Dean Myklejord, President of the Lakeland Club, and Henry starting dragging the courts with immediate results.  The speed across the courts became consistent.  (Click on pic once to expand.)

Jim & Marlene Corbeil showed up to get his new discs for Winter Haven and Jim got drafted, so to speak, to help pull the drag and to gain the experience needed to do the same to the refinished Winter Haven Club.  Marlene got a job too.  She was our court tester, running discs up and down the dragged courts checking for rough spots.  They did all 32 courts and tomorrow morning, Sunday, Henry & Dean will re-seal courts 1-16 in an attempt further smooth out the courts.  When you come to the “Roll of Champions” tournament a week from Monday you will have excellent playing conditions.  If you are from the Central District you won’t want to miss winter Haven this coming Thursday and Friday; there will be new discs and the courts will be smoothed out making the alleys run much better.   Earl 11-26-2016

Thanks Earl for Providing This Information!!  Stan 2016 11 26 14:42


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1 Response to SHUFFLERS; The Lakeland Courts Are Being Made Even Better!! Hats Off To All Who Worked!!

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    If what Earl and Henry are doing works and knowing these two guys, i believe it will, It will be one of the most important improvement in shuffleboard that i have ever seen. I seen the improvement in the Zepherhills club and i was amazed at the difference from last year. I expect the Lakeland club to be much improved also. Kudo,s to Earl and Henry.


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