Great Story by Earl Ball on the Win by “The Old Guys”!! FSA PO9A at Hawthorne.


Dave Minnich @ Banquet , HOF 200522 A Glen Peltier & Connie Sent to Glen (2)“Old Guys Win” was the exclamation from Dave Minnich after he and Glen Peltier disposed of a powerful field in the Hawthorne State Tournament.

They “whipped the young wiper snappers”.  Don’t get me wrong, they are great players but from a previous era.  They struggled in every match, came from behind in every match, played 3 games in most matches, didn’t win all the lags but still did it.  We were all surprised when they got through the quarters against Rosaire Cote and Frank Niziolek but surely that was the end of the road but no, they won in three only to earn the right to play the powerhouse team of Dave Kudro and Jim Miller, the end was near but they won one of the 1st two, then the lag and they, as unlikely as it may sound, the match.  On to the finals where they were to take on Mike Seyfer and Dean Myklejord, the team that took out Henry Strong and Earl Ball in the semis and as so often happens they breezed through in their easiest match of the tournament; no one can explain how that happens but it does often.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CHAMPIONS!

In the women’s division Terri Smith and Jane Moore won in the championship match over Carol Adams and Sue Krynak making it two in a row for Terri.  Congratulations Ladies!

Article by Earl Ball, WITH THANKS!!  2016 11 30  Full Results Here: NOT POSTED AS OF 08:13 ON 2016 11 30

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1 Response to Great Story by Earl Ball on the Win by “The Old Guys”!! FSA PO9A at Hawthorne.

  1. Dave Kudro says:

    Congratulations Dave & Glenn. Well deserved win to show staying focused and good fundamentals will win matches over the course of a match. It was fun and a pleasure playing against two great Hall of Fame shufflers!

    Dave Kudro


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