John Brown Article #7 of 2016-2017


1st: Phil Krick.  2nd: Carol Maxwell.  3rd:   Tony Deluca.  4th:   Michael Sadler.  5th:  Harriet Piccard.

1st: Phil Krick.  2nd: Carol Maxwell.  3rd:   Tony Deluca.  4th:   Michael Sadler.  5th:  Harriet Piccard.


                   Palmetto Shuffle Club gave 80 players something to be thankful for on the day after Thanksgiving.  Jim Miller, Donna Schultz, Jim Vatter, Tom  Putnam and Carol Lumsden led the 42 Pros, and Phil Krick, Carol Maxwell, Tony Deluca,  Michael Sadler, and Harriet Piccard led the 38 Amateurs in a Draw Doubles extravaganza where we drew a new partner and new court every match.  Lunch was furnished, the day was bright, and a good time was had by all.  Perhaps the shout of joy by Phil Krick when presented with his prize money at the closing ceremony, will be an encouragement for this event to be repeated.

     Surprisingly because ladies’ entries have been gaining on men’s numbers this season, only 4 ladies registered at Pinellas Park on Monday, November 21, while 15 men registered for the State-Sponsored N-W Singles.  We have noticed a trend in other tournaments this year where ladies have been about 2/3 the number of men, different from recent years where they have averaged about half as numerous as the men.  This column asserts that ladies and men are equally valuable and desirable and capable in shuffleboard.  We encourage all players to participate in District and State Tournament competition.  These events are a good place to have fun, meet new and old friends in this, perhaps the greatest sport in the world.  After all, how many sports can you enjoy playing from age 5 to 105?  It is healthy exercise and quite safe to play and enjoy.

Happy Shuffling.


     FL P-8B at Bradenton, Nov. 21, Mixed Doubles:  Main 1. Dave Kudro-Terri Smith, 3. Ron and Pam Nurnberger,  4. Marilyn and Jerry Everett.  Consolation:  1. Jim Miller-Nancy Sclafani, 2. Paul Knepper-Pat Tomko.

     FL A-5 Nov. 21 at Pinellas Park, State-Sponsored Singles, M/L, N-W.  Main: 2. Arnie Congdon.


 THURSDAY, Dec.1 at Bradenton, SWCD D-8, M/L Doubles, Restricted to Pros & State  Ams, 75 points.

FRIDAY, Dec. 2 at Bradenton, SWCD A-5, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 16 frames/75 points.

MONDAY, Dec. 5 FL P-10 at Lakeland, M/L Doubles, Roll of Champion Pins.

                    Dec. 5 FL-A7 at Avon Park, National Mixed Doubles, Any Amateurs.

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